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Stellar Review of Asheron's Call by Computer Games Online

In her meaty review, Cindy Vanous of Computer Games Online rates AC a 4.5 out of 5 stars, with a perfect 5 rating in gameplay and multiplayer function. Summarizing her experience of the game, she states:

"The environments range from nice to stunning, the gameplay is addictive, the multi-part quests are interesting . . . and after two solid weeks of playing, the percentage of total terrain we've actually explored is still small compared to the entire map. . . .

"Add to that the underlying technical stability of the game . . . plus the general lack of prime-time server lag and scarcity of disconnects, and you have a title which has more than earned its place among the big names of online RPG entertainment."

If you still haven't decided which online fantasy world merits your citizenship, be sure to read the entire article. We look forward to meeting you in Dereth!
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