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Writing Contest

August 8, 2000


The transplanted peoples of Ispar have lived in the land of Dereth for some years now. Many have kept private journals, but it is time their story was OFFICIALLY recorded. Accordingly, the distinguished loremasters in the capital cities of Zaikhal, Cragstone, and Hebian-to are pleased to announce a WRITING CONTEST, open to any resident of these lands.

The theme shall be: "Under Strange Skies: The Isparian Experience in Dereth." The content and form is yours to decide. Will you submit an epic poem about meeting your spouse in this new land, a conventional narrative about the first dungeon you entered, or a collection of haiku describing members of Dereth's fabulous bestiary? Three exceptional pieces will be selected that represent each Heritage Group -- Aluvian, Gharu'ndim, and Sho. The nine winning texts will be available for sale in the appropriate heritage group library, beginning in September.

  • Send results to
  • All entries are due by August 28th.
  • Entries must somehow relate to the Isparian experience in Dereth.
  • Submissions should be in raw text (.txt) format.
  • Maximum length of 5000 words. An entry containing 5001 words will be disqualified.
  • Any form is acceptable; prose, poetry, verse, etc. MULTIPLE poems or verse adding up to 5000 words are permissible, but only ONE prose piece.
  • While the loremasters of Cragstone, Zaikhal, and Hebian-to are certainly mature readers, not all who frequent their libraries are. Unsuitable entries will be disqualified. Please use discretion.
  • Entries containing any copyrighted material, including copyrighted names and terms, will be disqualified. However, copyrighted material that appears in the game Asheron's Call or its official supporting documents is allowed.
  • Only ONE entry per person will be accepted. You can submit a collection of poems, OR one story -- but not both.
  • Turbine/MS reserve the right to make changes, including correction of typographical, grammar, or spelling errors.
  • Three winners will be selected to represent each heritage group. The winning pieces will be available in each heritage group's library beginning in the September update.
  • You must fill out the following form completely as part of your entry:

Name (Put your real name here):
E-mail address:
Character name:
Credits (If this was collaborative project, list other names here):
Heritage Group:
World (Leafcull, Darktide, etc.):


Good luck!
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