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Geographic Areas

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Dropped Items
Essence of a Phantasm Icon Essence of a PhantasmGauloth Shreth Hide Icon Gauloth Shreth HideOsseous Mace Icon Osseous Mace
Landscape Items


Note: Most landscape creatures have a spawn map on the creature's article page.

Banderling Icon Banderling

Crystal Icon Crystal

Drudge Icon Drudge

Fire Elemental Icon Fire Elemental

Golem Icon Golem

Gotrok Lugian Icon Gotrok Lugian

Rat Icon Rat

Reedshark Icon Reedshark

Shadow Icon Shadow

Shreth Icon Shreth

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Tusker Icon Tusker

Undead Icon Undead

Virindi Icon Virindi

Wisp Icon Wisp

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