The Milanteans are one of the Isparian Cultures. Their homeland is the kingdom of Milantos, on Ispar. For now, their region has been free of portals to Dereth.

History on Ispar

When Milantos was a young empire, they eradicated a people known as the Kael Arran.[1] The Milantean empire chose to go on their genocidal campaign because, according to Nuhmudira, they had a point to prove. They sent an army of 100,000 soldiers, called Milantean Red. The campaign lasted 10 years, and saw 100 battles. In the final battle, the Milantean Red surrounded the Kael Arran and massacred them. The Milantean Red saw losses of 50,000, and the site of that battle became known as the Red Sands in honor of the Milantean Red that spilled their blood there.[1] These times were described as the "earliest days of Milantean glory," a few hundred years prior to the founding of Gharu'n.[1] This places the eradication of the Kael Arran from 700 RC to as early as, perhaps, 400 RC.[2] The only source of information about this time is the Writ of Refuge Text written by Nuhmudira. In it, Nuhmudira claimed that she was in possession of a text from Tirethas that tells the stories of the Kael Arran.[1]

Long ago, the sorcerer-king Karuz of Milantos believed that the secret to eternal life lay in the blood of the Souia-Vey. At his order, Milantean sorcerers began kidnapping Souia-Vey from their villages. The Souia-Vey were largely helpless against these attacks, until a hero named Brador arrived. Armed with a sword made of ice that seemed to fend off sorcery, he alone was able to repel the Milantean incursions. Karuz was frustrated by Brador's defense of the Souia-Vey, and brought forth his own weapon to do battle with Brador. The two fought, laying waste to the land around them. By some accounts, the fight lasted days, while other say it was over in an instant. When the dust had settled, neither Karuz nor Brador were found, and the two where never seen again.[3][4] It is not known when this occurred, only that it was long ago.[3] The whole event may seem more legendary than historical, but the fact that Brador's weapon, Brador's Frozen Eye, and Karuz's weapon, Defiler of Milantos have appeared on Dereth lends credence to the story being true.

The first exact timeframe that Milanteans are referenced is at the end of the reign of Viamontian King Theolaud, who ruled Aluvia until 756 RC. One rumor regarding Theolaud's death was that he died in a duel with King Elous VIII of Viamont, over Theolaud's affair with Elous' young daughter. Midistaff the Learned, author of the history book The Reign of Alfrega, noted however that the princess was not of marriageable age, even by Milantean standards. Upon Theolaud's death, his daughter Alfrega took the throne of Aluvia. At some point during her reign, she took a husband, a royal son of Milantos named Kirne.[5]

Gharu'n was founded in 924 RC[2] Some time shortly after that, when Yasif ibn Salayyar was meeting with the rulers of the other nations, Arpad was the king of Milantos. Aprad refused all of Yasif's requests to meet.[6] Eventually Arpad died - by our best estimates, around 939 RC. Arpad died without an heir, and had no brothers still alive. And so his chief advisor Laszko became king. Yasif sent the new king a request, and Laszko accepted it. However, Laszko had no desire to discuss sovereignty with Yasif. Instead, he kept him as a prisoner to use in dark rituals. In secret, the Malik Amul ibn Rakhil of Gharu'n began training the shadowy assassins known as the Shagar Zharala. However, one week before their mission to rescue Yasif, he was returned to Gharu'n, having been freed by his jailer. With their rescue mission no longer needed, the Zharalim were instead sent to Milantos to kill Laszko. They succeeded, but none of the 11 Zharalim returned to Gharu'n[6] Our best estimates place this around 944 RC.

Later, during a time known in Gharu'ndim history as the Century of Storms (approximately 1003 RC to 1103 RC), Viamont began new military campaigns.[7][8] Viamontian corsairs raided Roulean ports around the Ironsea. By this time Viamont had a naval fleet large enough to transport their armies across the Ironsea, and with this ability, the legions of the Bull banner marched on Milantos and Gharu'n. The Milanteans repelled the invading Viamontians with a scorched-earth campaign, while the Gharu'ndim were unable to due to the instability caused by the Century of Storms.[8]

In Sho, Kou-an became empress around 1,115 to 1,130 RC.[9][2][10] During her reign, it is said that she sent emissaries to the other nations of Ispar, including Milantos.[10]

In the more recent time of 1274 RC, the Sho had begun trade with Milantos.[9] In Gharu'n, during the reign of the Malika Qadira bint Balj, it seemed possible that war with Milantos could break out.[7]


Portal Year Roulean Year Event
-1326 to -876 PY 400 to 700 RC

The young Milantean empire eradicates the Kael Arran.[1]

The sorcerer-king Karuz orders the abduction of people from Souia-Vey. The Souia-Vey are largely helpless against these attacks, until a hero named Brador arrives. He is able to fend off the incursions of the Milantean sorcerers. Karuz means to stop Brador's interference, and the two meet in personal combat. They are never seen again.[3][4]

-779 to -758 PY 765 to 779 RC

During her reign of Aluvia, the the Viamontian queen Alfrega marries a royal son of Milantos named Kirne.[5]

-540 to -518 PY 924 to 939 RC

After the founding of Gharu'n in 924 RC,[2] Yasif ibn Salayyar begins sending requests to the rulers of the other nations of Ispar, including king Arpad of Milantos. Arpad rejects all of Yasif's requests.[6]

-518 PY 939 RC

Arpad dies. With no heir and no brothers still alive, his chief advisor Laszko becomes king. Yasif sends a request to the new king of Milantos, and Laszko agrees.[6]

-518 to -510 PY 939 to 944 RC

Yasif travels to Milantos. Laszko keeps him as a prisoner to use in dark rituals. The Malik Amul ibn Rakhil of Gharu'n secretly begins training the shadowy assassins known as the Shagar Zharala.[6]

-510 PY 944 RC

Before the Zharalim could be sent on their mission to rescue Yasif, he is returned to Gharu'n, having been freed by his jailer. The Zharalim were instead sent to Milantos to kill Laszko. They succeed, but none of the 11 Zharalim return to Gharu'n[6]

-300 to -275 PY Late 1000s RC Near the end of the Century of Storms, Viamont has a naval fleet large enough to transport their armies across the Ironsea, and with this ability, the legions of the Bull banner march on Milantos and Gharu'n. The Milanteans repell the invading Viamontians with a scorched-earth campaign, while the Gharu'ndim are unable to due to the instability of their leadership.[8]
After -254 to -231 PY After 1115 to 1130 RC

Sho empress Kou-an sends emissaries to the other nations of Ispar, including Milantos.[9][2][10]

Prior to -15 PY Prior to 1274 RC Sho begin trade with Milantos.[9]
-15 PY 1274 RC In Gharu'n, there is fear that war with Milantos may occur.[7]

History on Dereth

There are no known Milanteans on Dereth. Nuhmudira is suspected of being Milantean.


They were seen as grim and superstitious.[11]

Religions and Beliefs

The Milanteans regard the shimmering aurora of the winter sky with fear, thinking of the aurora as the watchfires of Borimel's million snow demons, marching south to wrest control of the summer lands. [11]

Customs and Traditions

Milantos served justice swift and harsh to those who practiced "witchcraft" outside custom and law and people accused of this were stoned to death.[12]

Milantean women were seen of marriageable age relatively young.[5]

Since the earliest days of the kingdom of Milantos, the rulers of that dark land have hunted the Bristleback Boar as a ritual of manhood. It is forbidden for anyone to hunt the huge and vicious creatures without royal permission, and the meat, which is so tough it is nearly impossible to eat, is served only in royal halls.[13]

Real World Basis

There are no official statements on what real world cultures, if any, the Milanteans are based on. However, the names of some of their characters hint at the developers' inspirations:

  • Árpád is a Hungarian name.
  • Lasko is a Polish name, and László is a Hungarian name.

In the apocryphal Stormwaltz 2016 Q&A, Chris "Stormwaltz" L'Etoile commented on Milantos, saying, "Milantos was supposed to be a dark and gothic realm of blood magic. Maybe the intent for them was something like Tevinter in Dragon Age?"[14]

On the fan site Crossroads of Dereth's lore article The Kingdom of Milantos - Introduction, the author speculated that Milantos was the "Transylvania of Ispar".


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