Milantos is a nation on Ispar. It is the the homeland of the Milantean people.


  • No named locations


  • The Luparvium Mountains divide the bright fields and verdant woods of Aluvia from the gloomy moors of Milantos.[1]
  • Milantos is located to the south and east of Aluvia.[2]
  • It is possible to travel from Gharu'n to Milantos by sea.[3]
  • From Gharu'n, Milantos is east,[3][4] across the hills.[3]
  • Milantos and Gharu'n are the two nearest kingdoms to Sho.[5]
  • In the time prior to the birth of the Gharu'ndim nation, the Naqut desert was described as dividing the land of Milantos and the decaying Roulean Empire.[6]
  • Souia-Vey is a neighboring land.[7][8]
  • There is untamed territory between Milantos and Souia-Vey.[9]


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