The Millennium War was the war between the Kingdom of Dericost and the Seaborne Empire of Yalain and their ally the Kingdom of Haebrous. The war began at approximately Dericoi Eipoth (DE) 5000 and lasted until DE 6174 when Dericost was defeated.[1][2]

The war likely began after the events of the Grael Rebellion weakened the Kingdom of Haebrous and its king, Braletain.[3] In approximately DE 5000, Dericost reached the height of its power and attacked its neighbors Haebrous and Yalain, igniting the war.[1] In DE 6174[2] the Haebrous and Yalain were victorious over the Dericost, and Empress Alaidain declared the end of the Dericoi Eipoth beginning of the Vacari Eipoth.[1]


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