Introduced:  Release
Minthada the Librarian
Non-Player Killer
Minthada the Librarian Live
Race Female Aluvian
Title Librarian
Location 26.0N 47.0E, Cragstone Library west of Cragstone
Level 62
Strength 170
Endurance 170
Coordination 165
Quickness 160
Focus 250
Self 250
Health 260
Stamina 280
Mana 505


  • Route: Located a short run west of Cragstone in the library at 26.0N 47.0E.
  • Sells at 145%, buys at 90%.
  • See Scribe for other similar shopkeepers



Books, Paper

Lore & Dialog


Minthada the Librarian tells you, "Welcome to the Cragstone Library. Here we have a collection of writings on our Aluvian heritage. We also sell copies of the Code of the High King."

Buying From

Minthada the Librarian tells you, "I hope it will educate and enlighten."

Selling To

Minthada the Librarian tells you, "Thank you."


Minthada the Librarian tells you, "Come by any time."

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