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Missing Mechanisms
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  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 25
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Alloy Device
Alloy Apparatus
Alloy Instrument
Alloy Tool
Alloy Contraption
Alloy Implement
Alloy Utensil
Alloy Mechanism
Alloy Cogwheel
Alloy Contrivance

Alloy Sprocket
Alloy Cylinder
Alloy Dynamo
Alloy Piston
Alloy Fan
Alloy Pinion
Alloy Engine
Alloy Motor
Alloy Generator
Alloy Turbine

-- Missing Mechanisms


Undead Mechanic tells you, "You should thank us, Isparian! Was our help not instrumental in orchestrating the retreat of the Ancient Olthoi Queen? But I do not expect good manners from your kind."

The undead studies you coldly, then nods.

Undead Mechanic tells you, "Regardless, the machine parts that your people have brought to us have been efficacious in our recent efforts to ... in our recent efforts. Therefore, we will continue this program. You no longer require our poison, so we have found other rewards."

Undead Mechanic gives you Missing Mechanisms.

Undead Mechanic tells you, "This text details the parts we will need. At one time there were stores of these parts cached about the land, but now, with the chaos of the times and your meddling, intrusive ways, Isparian, who knows where the parts may lie?"

Undead Mechanic tells you, "But find them, and bring them to me, and I will reward you."

Kaywin tells you, "Beautiful piece of work isn't she?"

Kaywinnit looks at the machine quizzically.

Kaywin tells you, "No matter how many time I fix her she just seems to keep breaking down."

Kaywin gives you Missing Mechanisms.

Kaywin tells you, "A friend of mine found that list, it's full of wonderful things I could use. With my skills and those parts I could keep her running indefinitely."