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Moarsman Spawning Pools
Level: 180
Society Rank: Lord
Type: Solo
Starts With: Shishalti bint Jaffa (CH)
Ualya bint Muyzal (EW)
Payla bint Dumandi (RB)
Starts At: Faction Stronghold (east wing)
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Spawning Pools

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Speak to NPC in Faction Stronghold.
  2. Travel to Nyr'leha and go to each of the Spawning Pools and kill the Brood Mother at each one, you will get a local message that you have cleared out the pool:
    1. 91.9S 51.9W
    2. 92.3S 49.7W
    3. 93.7S 52.7W
    4. 92.9S 54.5W
  3. Return to the NPC for your reward of 25 Commendation Ribbons and 4 Trade Tokens.


  • Note that if there's no Brood Mother present, you must kill the other spawn to make her appear. The creatures will fight amongst each other and do not drop loot.

Dungeons & Maps

No related dungeons.


Complete task for the Celestial Hand
Experience: 20,000,000 (Fixed)
Complete task for the Eldrytch Web
Experience: 20,000,000 (Fixed)
Complete task for the Radiant Blood
Experience: 20,000,000 (Fixed)


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Dialog for the other societies is identical.

Opening Dialog

Shishalti bint Jaffa tells you, "Your Society needs your assistance. The number of the Blighted Moarsmen in Nyr'leha, the Moarsmen City, has been growing incredibly fast. We need to keep their number down to keep their potential threat to a minimum."
Shishalti bint Jaffa tells you, "Go to the Moarsmen City, South East of Candeth Keep, and search for their Spawning Pools. Kill any of the foul beasts you find in the pools. Take no pity on these beasts. They sacrifice their own young much of the time."

Speaking to NPC after Completing Task

Shishalti bint Jaffa tells you, "Well done, I know that was nasty work, but we have to ensure that we keep the Blighted Moarsmen population under control. Allow me to reward you for your service to our Society."
Shishalti bint Jaffa gives you 25 Celestial Hand Commendation Ribbons.
Shishalti bint Jaffa gives you 4 Celestial Hand Trade Tokens.
Shishalti bint Jaffa tells you, "Those Brood Mothers you described will surely refill the Spawning Pools. Return to me in a week when I will require your help again."

Update History

Ancient Powers

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 2 days 20 hours to 20 hours.
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