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Summary table
Egg Max XP Location Town
Tiny Tainted Egg 235,000 (100% up to level 20) 40.8N, 83.0W Redspire
Small Tainted Egg 1,190,826 (50% up to level 40) 61.4S, 82.5E Mayoi
Medium Tainted Egg 4,602,097 (45% up to level 60) 23.4N, 28.8W Danby's Outpost
Large Tainted Egg 11,876,313 (40% up to level 80) 23.4N, 28.8W Beach Fort
Extra Large Tainted Egg 20,648,005 (30% up to level 100) 59.8S, 88.2W Ayan Baqur
Huge Tainted Egg 28,092,330 (15% up to level 130) 90.7N, 43.0W Eastwatch