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Hyrethis Eipoth Portal Year Era

The seventh and most recent age of the Yalaini. Moriqui Eipoth translates to Age of Shifting. This era has thus far lasted 604 years.[1][2]


Portal Year Yalaini Epothi Event
ME 1 Yalain

As the lone surviving Empyrean, Asheron declares the beginning of the Moriqui Eipoth.[1][2]

ME 5 Yalain

Asheron reaches his castle and begins to keep watch on the Olthoi.[2]

ME 539 Yalain, Virindi

After nearly 500 years of research, Asheron develops a venom to kill Olthoi. However he only has enough for one use. So he leaves his tower to begin searching for the Ancient Olthoi Queen.[3]

The Virindi arrive on Dereth.[4] They are the first of the new alien races to arrive.[1] Shortly after their arrival, there is a conflict between Asheron and the Virindi.[2][1] Asheron eventually defeats them, and they are so surprised by their loss that the Virindi completely vacate the planet.[2][1]

Asheron is weakened from the conflict, and returns to his tower, unable to complete his quest to find and kill the Ancient Olthoi Queen.[3] The conflict has greater repercussions. Asheron's portal network is reactivated, and portals leading to Dereth appear on the worlds the Yalaini once visited.[2][3]


Lugians begin arriving on Dereth.[1]

ME 550 Banderling, Drudge, Mosswart, Olthoi, Tumerok

Tumeroks from the Hea and Aun tribes begin appearing on Marae Lassel. Other creatures from their homeworld of Ezheret-Hazahtu, including Banderlings, Mosswarts, and Drudges, begin appearing throughout Dereth.[2] While other creatures have merely been stumbling through the portals, the Tumeroks come deliberately in the belief that they are needed to help defend the legendary world spoken of by their ancestors from Wharu, the spirit of decay. The Olthoi Queen on the island tries to enslave them but finds them too difficult to control.[2]

ME 564 Aluvian, Olthoi

Portals to Dereth begin appearing in the Aluvian lands of Ispar. The Olthoi quickly enslave these new arrivals.[2]

ME 567 Aluvian, Sho

A band of Isparians escape the Olthoi.[2] They are led to freedom by Zenzaburou Hensu, Vanten the Archmage, and Vesayen Hylin. After escaping, the Olthoi pursued them into the forests. There, they find an unstable portal, whose destination is unknown to them. Zenzaburou and Vesayen usher their people through the portal. Zenzaburou barel makes it through before the portal collapsed, while Vesayen does not. They find themselves on a tropica island free of Olthoi. There, Zenzaburou and Vanten found the village of Kryst, centered around the principles of Jojii and the Code of Pwyll. They name the archipelago the Vesayen Isles in honor of their fallen leader.[5][6][7]

Later, another group of enslaved Isparians, led by the the Aluvian cousins MacDugal and MacNiall, escape the Olthoi. After eluding the pursuing Olthoi, they come across an unstable portal. MacNiall wishes to enter it, while MacDugal is skeptical, reminding everyone that mysterious portals are the reason they were on Dereth and had been enslaved by the Olthoi. During the argument, they are found by the Olthoi. So the group breaks, some following MacNiall into the portal, and others following MacDugal into the foothills. MacNiall's band find themselves on the Vesayen Isles, and meet up with Zenzaburou Hensu and Vanten's refugees. The two groups live together for a time in Kryst, but MacNiall and his followers decide that they could no longer live with the traditionalists and so they trek deeper into the jungles, and eventually settle MacNiall's Freehold on a small, safe island.[8][6][7]

ME 569 Virindi

A larger expeditionary Virindi force appears in the center of the Obsidian Plains. They begin establishing facilities in the Direlands.[2]

ME 573 Aluvian

Thorsten Cragstone arrives on Dereth.[2]

ME 574 Olthoi, Tumerok

The Tumeroks discover that their drumming resonates through the Menhir Rings scattered throughout their island home and this sound drives the Olthoi underground. Their bravest warriors, led by Aun Harelaua, later known as Aun Hareltah, infiltrate the Royal Hive of Marae Lassel and slay the Queen found there. Their continued drumming keeps one of the larval Queens from developing.[2]
Elysa Strathelar arrives on Dereth.[2]

ME 575 Aluvian

Thorsten Cragstone escapes and forms a small band of resistance against the Olthoi. Six months later, Elysa escapes and is found by Cragstone and his men.[2]

ME 576 Aluvian

Cragstone's forces, pursued by Olthoi, make their way to the Isle of Tears, where they discover the Underground City. This quickly becomes their home and base from which to launch attacks against the Olthoi.[2]

The defeat of the Olthoi Queen on Marae Lassel comes to the attention of the Virindi. They promise to give the Tumeroks exceptional powers and abilities, provided the Tumeroks agree to modify their bodies to appear more like humans. The Hea and Aun Tribal Elders refuse, horrified by this offer, but an adolescent outcast named Hea Aranpuh agrees.[2]

0 PY ME 579 Aluvian, Olthoi

The Olthoi Queen of Dereth is defeated.[1][9]

8 PY ME 587 Viamontian

On Ispar, the royal army of Viamont, lead by prince Varicci di Corcosi II, enter the lands of Bellenesse and lay siege to the Duke's fortress. The rebels, lead by Eleonora du Bellenesse and the Duke of Bellenesse, flee through a mysterious portal. Varicci and his army follow them. The Viamontians arrive on the Halaetan Isles, where they will remain trapped for 8 years.[10][11]

10 PY ME 589 Aluvian, Gharu'ndim, and Sho

A great surge of new Aluvian, Gharu'ndim, and Sho adventurers were called from Ispar to Dereth by mysterious portals in their homelands. [9]


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