Introduced:  Mired Hearts Related Quests:  Bleeargh's Gratitude
Mosswart Thanking Stone
Mosswart Thanking Stone Icon
  • Value: 5
  • Burden: 75
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • This thanking stone looks identical to normal Mosswart thanking stones. Until you turn it over. On the bottom in very small print, it reads: "Made by Ketnan. Visit Monty, Arshid or Mi Gan-Zo to take your chances.


  • Return one of Bleeargh's requested items to receive a Thanking Stone.
  • Take to a Casino Boss for a chance at winning various items including pack dolls (see below):

You give Monty the Munificent Mosswart Thanking Stone.

Monty grumbles under his breath. You make out a few words, "...stupid Ketnan." He smiles and adjusts his vest.

Monty the Munificent tells you, "I don't know why I let myself get talked into this by Ketnan, but here goes. Round and round it goes!"

Monty the Munificent gives you [reward].

  • Does not stack.

Live Event Version

  • Mosswart Thanking Stones were also given out by Bleeargh during Burun Raids. They could be handed to Translator Aun Laokhe in Arwic for a Diplomat Token.
  • The event version had a different description:
"A small stone carved with the stylized face of a smiling Mosswart. These are given by Mosswarts as a gesture of thanks."

Gambling Prizes

Prize Chance
Iron Pea 60%
Pack Cow <5%
Pack Drudge <5%
Pack Golem <5%
Pack Grievver <5%
Pack Idol <5%
Pack Lugian <5%
Pack Mosswart <5%
Pack Scarecrow <5%
Pack Ursuin <5%
Pack Virindi <5%
Plush Tusker <5%
Velveteen Olthoi <5%
Lucky Gold Letter <5%
Swamp Stone <5%
Blue Phyntos Wasp Wing <5%
Gold Phyntos Wasp Wing 2%
Mire Phyntos Wasp Wing <5%
Gem of Cleansing <5%
Gem of Purity <5%
Banderling Scalp <5%
White Phyntos Wasp Wing 2%
Diamond Scarab 1%
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