Mosswart Exemplar

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Gears of Change

Master of the Swamp

  • On death:
Master of the Swamp picks muck from between scales.

Swamp King

  • On death:
Swamp King loudly organizes a stack of gunk covered stones.

Reforging the Past

Braggart Mosswart

  • On death:
As the Braggart Mosswart (sic) a keyring lands under its now lifeless body.

Mosswart Keeper

  • On death:
Mosswart Keeper dies revealing an ancient key with a warrior's markings on it.

Mosswart Overchief

  • On death:
Mosswart Overchief falls; a shabby rope around its neck hangs against the ground revealing a key.

Ravenous Mosswart

  • On death:
Ravenous Mosswart is split opening. It would seem a key may have been part of its lunch.
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