Introduced:  Cold Tracks Related Quests:  Pet Penguin Quest, Rescuing Mouf P
Mr. P
Non-Player Killer
Mr. P Live
Race Penguin
Title Penguin
Location 72.8S, 93.0E
Level 5
Strength 20
Endurance 30
Coordination 50
Quickness 55
Focus 25
Self 15
Health 30
Stamina 140
Mana 15


Lore & Dialog

Mr. P reaches into his "P-pocket" and pulls out a small piece of candy. His eyes light up at the sight of it and he quickly tosses it into his mouth.
Mr. P leans back and continues to enjoy his sweet treat when he realizes he is being watched. 3:30:13 Feeling a little embarrassed Mr. P puffs up his belly and squints at you. You feel as if this strange little penguin is judging you. After a few awkward moments he picks up an old candy wrapper from the ground, smoothes it out a bit and hands it to you.
Mr. P gives you Marked Candy Wrapper.
Mr. P sits back again and hums to himself while rubbing his tummy.

Mr. P thinks MacNiall's Freehold needs a candy store.
Mr. P is enjoying the warm sunshine and soothing ocean sounds

Mr. P sniffs at your pockets, and then looks through your packs for the pengy food. Not finding any, he draws a tiny but highly detailed map of Osteth in the sand.
Looking at the map, there is a Pet Store noted at 35.2N, 39.4E.

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