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Multi-slot Armor

Multi-slot Armor Teaser
Many blacksmiths have worked their craft in the lands of Dereth and ancient armor can be found all over. It is not uncommon for smiths to create large pieces of armor that offer coverage over multiple areas of the body. To the discerning adventurer trying to create the perfect suit of armor, however, these larger pieces can be inconvenient to fit into their suit even though the piece may have powerful magics and look very good when worn. In their work to deliver on the noble's request of armor appearance customization they discovered a way reduce the coverage of bulky armors. This allows adventurers to more easily fit pieces into existing suits.

This craft magic is difficult and the tools that use them are time intensive to create. As such, the magic is expensive and can only be used by adventurers once every month. Tailors sell tokens that allow adventures to obtain these tools, but the Apprentice Tailors tasked with the creation of these tools and their distribution will only hand them out once a month.

Once you have traded in this token to obtain one of these Armor Reduction Tools you can use it on looted pieces of armor to reduce its coverage to a single slot. This will not work on armor crafted for a specific purpose as a reward for some dangerous quest. Simply use the Armor Reduction Tool on an armor piece that covers multiple slots and that coverage will be made more efficient. The slot the item now covers depends on the piece of armor you have changed.

Your newly reduced piece of armor still looks as good as it always has. Although the coverage has been reduced, the attractive extras still remain on the armor. As a result, your reduced piece might still have a visual appearance on additional areas. Your coat which now provides protection to only your chest might still have costuming on arms. When you equip other sleeves you may wish to retain the look of the coat, while another person might prefer the new sleeves in their quest for the perfect look.

To aid adventures with this dilemma, tailors have perfected new crafting tools. The Armor Layering Tool (top) will ensure that your armor piece that has been reduced to a single slot piece is always on the top layer and shows over other pieces. The Armor Layering Tool (bottom) removes that quality so other armor can show over the piece if it is layering on top.
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