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Nalicana's Test
Level: 200
Type: Solo
Starts With: Nalicana
Starts At: Asheron's Castle
Route: Eastham to Asheron's Island portal at 17.9N, 64.3E
Repeat: Non Repeatable
Contracts: Contract for Nalicana's Test


This quest allows you to begin earning luminance points from various higher level creatures and quests. Luminance is a critical game mechanic in advancing a character in Asheron's Call. This quest is therefore essential for character progression beyond level 200.

  • The quests Gurog Creation, Bloodstone Investigation, and the Gurog Kill Task all overlap with this quest and can be completed at the same time, if desired. It is not uncommon for higher level players who are already luminance flagged to accompany those who are just over level 200 to complete this quest.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Nalicana will give you the quest contract, Contract for Nalicana's Test.
  2. Travel to the Frozen Valley, and enter the Gurog Ice Cave at 84.9N, 7.1W.
    • Route/Shortcut: Stonehold to Wisp Lake Cottages portal at 69.7N, 20.2W.
    • Alternate Route: Cragstone to Far Horizon Cottages Portal at 26.1N, 46.3E takes you to the area of the Temple of Forgetfulness. Gurog Ice Caves are a short run from there.
    • Optional: After taking the shortcut, speak with Gregoria, Gurog Destroyer at 83.8N, 4.3W to first start the Gurog Kill Task.
  3. One of the three Gurogs in the first room drops the Entryway Key used on the second door (700 difficulty).
  4. Go straight ahead and take the portal to the Frozen Tomb.
  5. Continue forward through linear hallways, killing the Gurogs as you go.
  6. Once you reach the maze-like section, hug the right hand wall and follow the path until you see the hallway ahead open into a larger room.
  7. Defeat Battle Lord Gregor.
  8. Loot Battle Lord Gregor's Mnemosyne.
  9. Return the mnemosyne to Nalicana in Asheron's Castle to receive your rewards.


  • If you are quick, you can run directly to the last room with the Frozen Tomb portal without fighting.
  • It you're a melee fighter, it's safest to kill the Gurogs through the doors before opening them.
  • When fighting Gregor, staying in the back of the hallway prevents the nearby Gurogs from reaching you.
  • When everyone is ready, have mages and missile characters lure him out of the room and down the hallway. He is undead and is vulnerable to undead slayer and fire attacks.
  • Battle Lord Gregor respawns about twice as often as the eight Gurog Soldiers who surround him.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Gurog Ice Cave 84.9N, 7.1W -- --
Frozen Tomb 84.9N, 7.1W -- --


Luminance: 15,000


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Opening Dialog

Nalicana tells you, "Greetings, I am Nalicana, the Seer of the Yalain."
Nalicana tells you, "Due to several factors, including both the return of the... altered... Empyreans, as well as Geraine's manipulations of time via the Book of Eibhil, the Light has empowered several Seers, including myself."
Nalicana tells you, "We may, in turn, empower those who prove their worth to walk the ancient Empyrean Paths, and gain power from the Light itself, known as Luminance."
Nalicana tells you, "The different eras of Empyrean history have each empowered a Path, from our beginnings in the Paths of the Falatacot, through the more recent Dericost and Haebrean Paths, up to the Path of the Yalain."
Nalicana tells you, "To prove your worth, and be empowered to gain Luminance, my task for you is fairly straightforward. There is an Undead, known as Battle Lord Gregor. He is one of Geraine's top nobles, and is the overseer of the forces which now include the beings called Gurog."
Nalicana tells you, "Hidden deep in the area held by these Gurog, he organizes the forces Geraine has chosen to put forth. Find him, defeat him, and bring me his Mnemosyne. Contained therein, we hope to find much knowledge on what Geraine is up to."
Nalicana tells you, "The Gurog have emerged in an area of the mountains of Northern Osteth. You'll find the Battle Lord deep in the caves there."

Lord Gregor

Battle Lord Gregor is reduced to cinders!
Battle Lord Gregor tells you, "Fool. Killing me will not change anything back to what it was. It's too late for that now."

Rewards Dialog

You allow Nalicana to examine your Battle Lord Gregor's Mnemosyne.
You hand over all of your Battle Lord Gregor's Mnemosynes.
Nalicana tells you, "Thank you for this. Lord Asheron should be able to learn much from it, to help counter Geraine's mad schemes."
Nalicana tells you, "You have completed the task I have set before you. Now, it is time for you to gain access to the Paths."
Nalicana touches your brow, and you feel a great upwelling of light and heat fill your entire form. Just when it feels like you may burst from the pressure inside you, the feeling fades down to a comfortable warmth.
You've earned 15,000 Luminance.
Nalicana tells you, "Welcome into the Light. You now may gain inner Luminance from your adventures, if they be truly challenging to your strength."
Nalicana tells you, "This Luminance, in turn, may be used to empower both auras and items for your benefit."
Nalicana tells you, "You may always come to me, for the Path of the Yalain is open to all who have proven themselves to the Light."
Nalicana tells you, "In addition, you may also seek out one of the more... specialized... paths from the history of the Empyrean."
Nalicana tells you, "You must choose only one specialty path, for when you choose to walk one Path, you lose access to the others."
Nalicana tells you, "This book will explain the details."
Nalicana gives you Luminance, and the Paths of the Empyrean.

Nalicana tells you, "I see that you have not yet chosen to walk one of the more specialized paths yet."
Nalicana tells you, "There are special benefits that can be gained by choosing to follow one of the Seers of the past cultures of the Empyrean."
Nalicana tells you, "The Seer of the Light Falatacot, the Shade of Lady Adja, can be found in the Cathedral of Ithaenc. Her specialties focus on furthering your resistance to damage, and your skill at the skills you have specialized in."
Nalicana tells you, "The Seer of the Dark Falatacot, Ka'hiri, can be found near the town of Sawato. Her specialties focus on furthering your ability to damage others, and your skill at the skills you have specialized in."
Nalicana tells you, "The Seer of the Dericost, Liam of Gelid, can be found in the entrance of Frore. His specialties focus on furthering your ability to damage others, and your ability to critically damage others."
Nalicana tells you, "The Seer of the Haebrean, Lord Tyragar, can be found in Silyun. His specialties focus on furthering your resistance to damage, and your resistance to critical damage."
Nalicana tells you, "As for myself, I will empower any and all who have proven themselves and absorbed the Luminance necessary to empower themselves or items to help them. I recommend also following one of the other, more specialized paths."
Nalicana tells you, "If you wish to leave one specialty path for another, speak with the Seer you wish to follow, and they will tell you what they require in order to induct you onto their Path."
Nalicana tells you, "Be warned: To change one's Path, once chosen, will disrupt your existing attunements to the Light. All of your specialty path auras will fade."

Other Interactions

Level Restriction

Nalicana looks you over carefully.
Nalicana tells you, "Greetings, young one. While I am pleased to meet you, you are not yet strong enough for what the Light can offer. Gain in experience, and return to me later."
Nalicana tells you, "May the Light go with you."

Quest Repeat

You hand over all of your Battle Lord Gregor's Mnemosynes.
You allow Nalicana to examine your Battle Lord Gregor's Mnemosyne.
Nalicana tells you, "You have already gained access to the Paths of the Empyrean, and may earn Luminance. I have no other reward to offer you for this."

Update History

From Darkness, Light

  • Quest introduced.

Blood From Stone

  • Luminance reward added.
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