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Nanjou Stockade
Level: 200
Type: Fellowship
Starts With: Shorikan
Starts At: Hoshino Town #2 at 78.0N, 41.6W
Route: Stonehold to Desolation Beach portal at 69.7N, 20.2W.
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Nanjou Stockade
Quest Chain: 1. Ninja Academy
2. Tanada Intercept
3. Tanada Slaughter
4. Nanjou Stockade


After helping the Nanjou in their fight against the Tanada in Tanada Intercept and Slaughter, they determine that you are too dangerous to be kept alive and send you to a Nanjou prison.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Speak to Shorikan located on the 2nd floor of a house near the edge of Hoshino Town #2. He will portal you but beware he will speak for a while before doing so. Creatures spawn on both floors of the house, and those below can also hit you through the floor.
  2. Shift jump your way out of the pit by using the stones along the walls. Make sure you do not land in one of the other pits on your final jump, otherwise you must recall and run back to Shorikan again.
  3. The dungeon is filled with Spectral Nanjou Mihari and purple and green Spectral Minions and Archers. For the most part, the dungeon is entirely linear.
  4. Make your way through the dungeon until you reach Spectral Nanjou Kaibinn. You should never jump down into any of the pits you come across. Kill the boss for a Lower Chamber Key and use it to unlock the door behind him.
  5. Continue onward, eventually you will reach a spot where you can choose to go straight or turn right. Turning right leads to the second boss, a Spectral Nanjou Keibi which drops the Upper Chamber Key to the next door.
    • Note: The boss is located behind a wall in the middle of the room. Melees can attack through the wall to kill him safely.
  6. Continue onward and you will come to a large room with ledges and perched archers. Clear as much as you can from below, including the snipers along the walls. It's unlikely you will be able to clear them all before jumping.
  7. Jump your way up the large room by using the ledges along the walls. Most of these are full normal jumps from one ledge to the next. Use shift jumps for the small stones, and full jump from them onto ledges. Your goal is a tunnel at the very top with 2 skeletons pinned on the wall surrounding the tunnel entrance.
    • The jumps can be tricky because you often will bounce off arrows in the air or be blocked by the Spectral Nanjou Mihari that are on the ledges.
  8. Past the jump room is the final chamber. It contains the final boss, a Spectral Nanjou Zaikan, the Legendary Chests and an exit portal. The doors to the room will close when you start attacking.
  9. The boss is flanked by two Spectral Nanjou Mihari. When the fight starts, Spectral Archers will also spawn in the corners of the room.
    • Note: Using the layout of the room, you can move to where the legendary chests are and control how many enemies attack you at one time. It is possible to drag the boss away so that you don't have to deal with the respawning minions.
  10. Loot a Spectral Nanjou Zaikan's Sword and a Legendary Key from the boss (he drops 9 of each). The key can be used on the chests nearby.
  11. Take the surface portal to be dropped at a safe location outside of the Hoshino Towns.
  12. Run back to Shorikan and give him the sword for experience and luminance rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Nanjou Prison  ?? -- --


Experience: 300,000,0000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 15,000


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Opening Dialog

Shorikan tells you, "You have proven to be instrumental in our battle with the Tanada. The tide surely swings in our favor due to your actions."

Shorikan tells you, "We are grateful, but the situation is...delicate. None can know of what has transpired. The Tanada would surely wage an all out war and many of our own may view our actions as dishonorable and cowardly."

Shorikan tells you, "Nothing is beyond reproach, not to ensure our victory."

Shorikan pauses for a moment.

Shorikan tells you, "I must be sure the news of what we have accomplished dies with you. Our success is far more important than your life."

Shorikan tells you, "It truly pains me, but I have little choice. Your actions and our involvement end on this day."

Shorikan reaches towards you and places a single finger on your shoulder.

Shorikan looks your way. You cannot see his face but you can feel the tension in the air.

Shorikan tells you, "Impossible! This cannot be! We will not fail again."

Shorikan reaches towards you and places a single finger on your shoulder.
Rewards Dialog

You allow Shorikan to examine your Spectral Nanjou Zaikan's Sword.

You hand over all of your Spectral Nanjou Zaikan's Swords.

You've earned 300,000,000 experience.

You've earned 15,000 Luminance.

You throw the sword at the feet of Shorikan. Shorikan picks up the sword and wipes the dirt from the blade.

Shorikan tells you, "You still live? Your skill in the art of battle is impressive."

Shorikan tells you, "No good can come from further bloodshed over our misunderstanding. I underestimated you and you have proven me wrong."

Shorikan tells you, "Take these rewards, but keep the tale of our interactions silent. Even someone as hardy as yourself would be crushed by the reprisal of both the Tanada and our forces. Let us not forget that the Tanada would show you no mercy for your slaughter of their recruits."

Shorikan tells you, "The logical course of actions would be for all to forget we ever spoke. Revenge would only place you in the middle of a war that even you could not win."

Shorikan tells you, "I trust that we have an agreement."

Update History

Seeds of Hope

  • Quest introduced.

Balance of Power

The Quest for Freedom

  • Luminance reward increased from 12,000 to 15,000.
  • XP reward increased from 250,000,000 to 300,000,000.
  • Repeat timer changed from ?? days to 20 hours.
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