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Introduced:  Mired Hearts Related Quests:  The Painbringer Quest
Nanner Island Portal Gem
Nanner Island Portal Gem Icon
  • Value: 40,000
  • Burden: 10
  • Spells: Portal to Nanner Island.
  • Double-click on this portal gem to transport yourself to exotic and dangerous Nanner Island
  • Activation requires Arcane Lore 10
  • Spellcraft: 210
  • Mana: 70
  • A nanner-colored portal gem, teeming with energy.


  • Stack Size: 25
  • Destination: 1.3N, 88.2E
  • Random reward from giving Sturdy Iron Keys to Jonas in the Tusker Assault dungeon on Aphus Lassel.
  • Work well when used as death items, unstack or this use (if stacked, only one will be taken from the stack as a death item on death). Can be quickly stacked up if you need the pack space and aren't doing anything dangerous.