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Nariyid Armor Live

Loot-generated Nariyid Armor

Armor Summary
Name: Nariyid Armor
Heritage: Gharu'ndim, tier III
Coverage: Full
AL: See Loot


  • Named after the Nariyid Mountains.
  • The armor consists of 7 (legs, breastplate, girth, sleeves, helm, gauntlets, boots) parts.
  • Some small, button-like parts of the armor are semi-transparent, and take on the color of the undershirt.
  • Base material of the armor is usually some kind of metal
  • Nariyid is not available at any vendor, but only loot-generated.
  • When dyeing, the veins on all armor, the back (scale) part of the helmet, the abdomen piece on the breastplate stay the original color; for girth and leggings, only the veins of the girth, and the knees and trim of the leggings change color (see below for dyed variations).
  • The dye changes the color into a rather pale variation.
  • Fail-dyeing results in a pale orange.

Quest Nariyid

Loot Nariyid Pieces

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Nariyid Helm Nariyid Helm Nariyid Breastplate Nariyid Breastplate Nariyid Girth Nariyid Girth
Nariyid Helm Live Nariyid Breastplate Live Nariyid Girth Live
Nariyid Sleeves Nariyid Sleeves Nariyid Gauntlets Nariyid Gauntlets Nariyid Leggings Nariyid Leggings
Nariyid Sleeves Live Nariyid Gauntlets Live Nariyid Leggings Live
Nariyid Boots Nariyid Boots
Nariyid Boots Live

Dyed Nariyid

Dyed Nariyid Armor
Nariyid Armor Lapyan Icon
(Light Blue)
Nariyid Armor Colban Icon
(Dark Blue)
Nariyid Armor Verdalim Icon
Nariyid Armor Minalim Icon
(Mint Green)
Nariyid Armor Relanim Icon
Nariyid Armor Lapyan Live Nariyid Armor Colban Live Nariyid Armor Verdalim Live Nariyid Armor Minalim Live Nariyid Armor Relanim Live
Nariyid Armor Thananim Icon
Nariyid Armor Hennacin Icon
Nariyid Armor Argenory Icon
Nariyid Armor Berimphur Icon
Nariyid Armor Fail Icon
Nariyid Armor Thananim Live Nariyid Armor Hennacin Live Nariyid Armor Argenory Live Nariyid Armor Berimphur Live Nariyid Armor Fail Live

Palettes and dye effects

Dye Effects

  • Note that these colors can NOT be found as Loot colors
Known Palettes for Dyed Nariyid Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Helmet BP BP Sleeves Sleeves Sleeves Girth Legs Gaunts Feet
6212 NariyidLapyan 003B39 034B5E 022E38 035368 023E4E 023E4E 176989 013645 023440 01252F 012933
6216 NariyidColban 000C35 030255 000132 03025E 020146 020146 0B1A6D 0B0042 00023A 00002A 00002E
6208 NariyidVerdalim 047616 035E12 02380A 036814 024E0F 024E0F 0D5F06 01330A 02400B 012F09 013309
6213 NariyidMinalim 004762 035E4C 02382C 036854 024E3F 024E3F 007353 01513C 014032 012F26 013329
6217 Nariyid Relanim 220035 4C0255 2C0032 54025E 3F0146 3F0146 49025B 2E0133 31003A 25002A 28002E
6215 NariyidThananim 1D1D1D 303030 1D1D1D 353535 282828 282828 262626 171717 212121 181818 1A1A1A
6209 NariyidHennacin 2C020E 480005 2B0003 500005 3B0004 3B0004 7A0000 420600 310004 230002 260003
6214 NariyidArgenory 897F76 636363 575757 666666 5E5E5E 5E5E5E 797877 5A5A5A 595959 545454 555555
6210 NariyidBerimphur 3B2F00 5A5E03 363802 646803 4B4E02 4A4D02 6B7A00 303301 3E4002 2D2F01 313301
6211 NariyidFailGold DC8C00 885700 6E4600 8F5C00 7D5000 7D5000 E78100 6B3E00 734800 684200 6A4400
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Palettes found in Loot

  • The loot-generated color table is still work in progress. See for a spreadsheet for the until now discovered palettes this file (right click, download as)
  • The parts that are in italics are dyeable, the others do not change color when dyed.
Known Palettes for Loot-generated Nariyid Armor
ACID Name Sample DCS Helmet Chest Arms Girth Legs Hands Feet
6198 NewSilver ADABAE Back 9C9C9C Straps 5B5B5B Upper & Straps 747474 Straps 696969 Plates 8E8E8E
6199 LazuliBlue 3D73C3 Top & Face 3667B1 Main 203D6A, 3D73C3 Shoulders & Elbows 2D5593, 2D5592 Veins 1D3962 Knees 253A7A Main 1B355A Main 1D3962
6200 OnyxBlack 090909 Top & Face 444444 Main 282828, 4B4B4B Shoulders & Elbows 383838, 383838 Veins 252525 Knees 2E2E2E Main 222222 Main 252525
6201 PaleBlue 6881D2 Top & Face 3653B1 Main 20326A, 3D5DC3 Shoulders & Elbows 2D4593, 2D4592 Veins 1D2C62 Knees 253A7A Main 1B2A5A Main 1D2D62
6202 HoshiEarth 623527 Top & Face A55A42 Main 680810, C2101E Shoulders & Elbows 894B37, 884B37 Veins 5B3124 Knees 713D2D Main 542D21 Main 5B3124
6203 AmberGold C5B541 Top & Face B1A336 Main 6A6120, C3B33D Shoulders & Elbows 93872D, 92862D Veins 625B1D Knees 7A6F25 Main 5A521B Main 625A1D
6204 TourguoiseGreen 2F5C10 Top & Face 5CB621 Main 386D13, 67CA25 Shoulders & Elbows 4C971C, 4C961C Veins 316412 Knees 407D17 Main 2F5C10 Main 326412
6205 AletheanPurple 45136D Top & Face 7521B6 Main 45136D, 8125CA Shoulders & Elbows 611C97, 611C96 Veins 421264 Knees 4F177D Main 3B105C Main 411264
6206 CarnelianRed 60080E Top & Face AF0F1B Main 680810, C2101E Shoulders & Elbows 910C16, 900C16 Veins 60080D Knees 780A13 Main 58070D Main 60080E
6207 HinderSilver 897F76 Top & Face 838383 Main 666666, 8B8B8B Shoulders & Elbows 777777, 767676 Veins 626262 Knees 6C6C6C Main 5F5F5F Main 626262
6218 ClanZBlue 008BC2 Emblem 006389 Bracers & Trim 00658D Scales 006790
6219 GaramonGrey 404040 Emblem 2D2D2D Bracers & Trim 2F2F2F Scales 303030
6220 NiffyBlue 004881 Emblem 00335B Bracers & Trim 00345E Scales 003560
6221 GoHGold 815D00 Emblem 5B4200 Bracers & Trim 5E4300 Scales 5E4300?
6222 BistortYellow 9B9400 Emblem 777300 Bracers & Trim 7A7500 Scales 7B7600
6223 SeedsowGreen 189B00 Emblem 137700 Bracers & Trim 137A00 Scales 137B00
6224 KnightPurple 7B009B Emblem 5F0077 Bracers & Trim 61007A Scales 63007B
6225 SprawlRed 9B1800 Emblem 771300 Bracers & Trim 7A1300 Scales 7B1300
6226 ZombieGrey 897F76 Emblem 787672 Bracers & Trim 797877 Scales 807975
6227 ShomattBlue 09CEFF Back 16D1FF Straps 00657E Upper & Straps 009EC5 Straps 007F9F Plates 00C3F4
6228 Granite 636363 Back 686868 Straps 2F2F2F Upper & Straps 494949 Straps 3B3B3B Plates 5B5B5B
6229 AzuriteBlue 096CFF Back 1674FF Straps 00327E Upper & Straps 004FC5 Straps 003F9F Plates 0061F4
6230 MargulTan B26F19 Back BB741B Straps 55350C Upper & Straps 7C4D12 Straps 6B430F Plates A56717
6231 SolclaimSun FFF509 Back FFF616 Straps 7E7900 Upper & Straps C5BD00 Straps 9F9900 Plates F4EB00
6232 AstyrrianPurple B000F4 Back BD16FF Straps 5A007E Upper & Straps 8D00C5 Straps 73009F Plates B000F4
6233 SenshiRed FF1C09 Back FF2816 Straps 7E0900 Upper & Straps C50F00 Straps 9F0C00 Plates F41300
6234 MalaciteGreen 00C53F Back 00CF42 Straps 005E1E Upper & Straps 00932F Straps 007726 Plates 00B63B
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

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