Introduced:  Mirror, Mirror Updated:  Master of Arms
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Needletooth Live



  • Crafted from Carenzi Fangs by an Ivory Crafter.
  • During the Master of Arms patch, the skill was changed from UA to Finesse Weapons, the wield changed from Level 100+ to Skill 370+, the damage upped from 10.5 - 21 to 15 - 30 base, and the Activation Req of Unarmed:425 removed.
You give Ivory Crafter Carenzi Fangs.
Ivory Crafter tells you, "These fangs are very sharp. Pried them from a carenzi you say. Well, I think that I can get them into some useful form."
Ivory Crafter tells you, "A wrap here...done."
Ivory Crafter gives you Needletooth.
Ivory Crafter tells you, "They seem to have been magically enchanted while within the beast. I find this strange and somewhat frightening."
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