Introduced:  Lost City of Neftet Related Quests:  Slave Master Quest
Nephthys Live
Race A'nekshay
Location 22.2S 6.2E
Level 220
Strength 90
Endurance 85
Coordination 85
Quickness 75
Focus 160
Self 180
Health 133
Stamina 185
Mana 220



Nephthys tells you, "The Sand Kings took control of our temple and began enslaving our people inside. Those of us who have managed to stay out of their grasp have not been able to gain access. Our hopes of freeing them have slowly turned to despair."
Nephthys gives you Scrying Rod.
Nephthys tells you, "My research has led me to believe that the Mumiyah have a hidden device somewhere in these cliffs that is blocking our entry."
Nephthys tells you, "I have been working on a Scrying Rod which may allow us to discover the device in hopes of figuring out a way to disable it. Unfortunately, I have yet to be able to locate their device as I fear they move it regularly."
Nephthys tells you, "Please, take this Scrying Rod and see if you can find that device and hopefully bring us one step closer to our freedom."
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