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Leikotha tells you, "I had told Wari of Nerash's poison arrow and my fall at the Plateau of Gelid. Of how Nerash, a foul undead minion of Dericost, had sought to keep me at his side for all eternity. Of how I had been tortured and twisted by his dark rites and doomed to never know the peace of oblivion. Of my daughter, Alysse, who only knew her mother as a loathsome monster, who had been forced to flee the light."[1]

  • Nerash was one of the Sand Kings or High Desert Nomads serving Geraine IV, "His Eternal Splendor".[2]
  • He led the armies of Dericost at the final battle of the Millennium War – the siege of the Plateau of Gelid. [3], and lost against the forces of Jailne and Alaidain.
  • For losing this battle, he was disgraced. During the engagement, however, a beautiful Haebraen warrior named Leikotha caught his eye and heart. In the aftermath, he abducted her and turned her, unwillingly, into an undead. [3][4][5]
  • It is said that after Leikotha, the great warrior of Haebrous, was made undead by the Sand King Nerash, she wept for thirty days and thirty nights[6]
  • She later escaped, and had her vengeance at the conclusion of the Empyrean Shadow War.[3] Nerash was slain by Leikotha at the Battlefield of Ayn Tayan, a titanic three-day battle between undead and Shadow. Leikotha fought at the side of the Shadows, "under the sway of Ferah's poison". The four Cairns and the green mist on the Battlefield mark where Nerash was slain.[2]
  • Lady Jaera fought beside Nerash at the end and was killed by Bael'Zharon during the battle. Thought Nerash perished, the companies of Kelannik, Anadil, and Nerash crushed the survivors into carrion and dust. Only Leikotha escaped.[2] She however, lost her sword, Ashbane, on the battlefield.[7]

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