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Introduced:  Thorns of the Hopeslayer Related Quests:  2000/04 - Shadow Invasion (Live Event)


  • Forged from Nexus Core Gems by the Master Armorers.
  • A single core gem was dropped by the Nexus Crystal, and there was one crystal per server meaning there was only one suit per server.
  • There is no nexus alduressa armor as the gems were used before the alduressa smith was introduced.
  • There is also no nexus koujia known to exist on any of the servers, this was due to the popularity of the other suits during that time. It was, however, later created temporarily when the test server Shadowclaim was online.
  • The following players recieved the armor on each server.
  • The Darktide suit no longer exists as the owner was found to be duplicating it, and all copies including the original were deleted by Turbine.
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