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Nexus Crawl
Level: 150
Type: Solo
Starts With: Ned the Clever
Starts At: Zaikhal at 13.4N, 0.9E
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Nexus Crawl


  • Help Ned the Clever investigate the Apostate Virindi by placing a listening device deep in the Apostate Nexus. Earn an Epic Magic Resist, Epic Life Magic Virindi Mask.

Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Ned the Clever will give you an Aetheric Resonator.
  2. Go to the old Nexus dungeon at 40.1S, 79.2W in the West Direlands.
    • Route: Run Northeast from Ayan Baqur or Southeast from Mount Lethe (if you have the recall spell) to 40.1S, 79.2W. The recall is the fastest way.
    • Optional: The surface of the Nexus dungeon is tieable. If taking a group or multiple characters, have one tie to the surface and summon.
  3. Run through the Nexus dungeon (full of Viamontians and Eaters). At the second acid pit you have to jump over you will see a blue crystal called the Apostate Nexus Gateway in the bottom of the pit. Jump down into the pit rather than over it and use the crystal to be teleported into the Apostate Nexus.
  4. Run through the dungeon (full of Apostate Tumeroks, Virindi, and Hollow Minions). It is fairly linear.
    • Warning: The Apostate Nexus Hollow Minions do large amounts of hollow melee damage. If you are lower level using a melee defense/magic defense rare can be very helpful if alone, the creatures near the end do a lot of hollow damage and draining.
  5. Find the Apostate Nexus Master and kill him. He will drop an Apostate Master's Broken Mask and a Aetherium Vault Key.
    • Warning: Be sure everyone in group gets a mask, you will be locked out of the dungeon after you speak to Ned after having placed the resonator. The master is on a 5 minute respawn timer.
  6. Use the key to open the locked door in the room with the Master. Proceed to the end of the dungeon where you will find an Apostate Aetherium Deposit guarded by 4 Apostate Nexus Hollow Minions.
  7. Give your Aetheric Resonator to the Deposit.
  8. Return to Ned in Zaikhal for a reward. Hand him the broken mask to receive the Nexus Crawler's Mask. If you hand the mask to Ned the Clever a second time, he will take it for XP.

Dungeons & Maps

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Apostate Nexus Inside Nexus 7F02 7F02.gif --


Talk to Ned after handing in the Resonator
Experience: 297,235,856 (30% up to level 201)
Luminance: 12,000
Give Nexus Crawler's Mask to Ned
Experience: 49,539,309 (5% up to level 201)



Asheron's Call Apostate Nexus Quest

Asheron's Call Apostate Nexus Quest


Opening Dialog;

Ned the Clever tells you, "Excellent! You can help me! We in the Arcanum think the Virindi Apostates are up to no good, but we're not sure what they're doing. It all seems to be involved with this rare Aetherium metal that's been recently discovered. We think they are stockpiling great quantities of the ore, but we do not know what they intend to do with it. We need a doughty adventurer like yourself to seek out a deposit under their control, and plant a tracking device in their stores..."

Ned the Clever tells you, "We have traced some suspicious energy patterns to the old Nexus discovered during the days of Bael'Zharon's rise. This facility may hold some clue to the location of a Virindi Apostate storehouse. Seek out the Nexus portal in the Direlands at 40.1S, 79.2W, investigate the facility, and see if you can find a way from there to the Apostate deposits. Once there, you can place this Aetheric resonator within the deposit, and I will be able to monitor their activities for the Arcanum."

Ned the Clever gives you Aetheric Resonator.
Talking to Ned the Clever after completing the quest

Ned the Clever tells you, "Congratulations! I've already been able to see, through my instruments, that you have successfully infiltrated the Apostate Nexus and placed my resonator in their deposit of purified Aetherium. This is exactly what I needed to keep track of the Apostates' activities for the Arcanum. The realm is grateful. Allow me to reward you..."

You've earned 297,235,856 experience.You've earned 12,000 Luminance.

Ned the Clever tells you, "If you picked up a mask from the master of that facility, you can give it to me and I'll make it useable for a human."
Giving Broken Apostate Master's Mask to Ned the Clever

You give Ned the Clever Apostate Master's Broken Mask.

Ned the Clever tells you, "Yes, well done, this must have belonged to the Master of the Apostate Nexus. It only takes a few alterations, and a realignment of the energy lattice contained therein..."

Ned the Clever gives you Nexus Crawler's Mask.

Ned the Clever tells you, "If you don't like that, or find it less than useful, you can give it back to me in exchange for some practical training."
Giving Nexus Crawler's Mask to Ned the Clever

You allow Ned the Clever to examine your Nexus Crawler's Mask.

Ned the Clever tells you, "Very well. If I were you I'd prefer to hold on to such a remarkable souvenir of my exploits, but I suppose you get a lot more excitement than I do."

You hand over 1 of your Nexus Crawler's Masks.

You've earned 49,539,309 experience

Other Interactions

You give Apostate Aetherium Deposit Aetheric Resonator.

You carefully place the Aetheric Resonator on the deposit, and there is a brief, harmonic chime, as if to let you know that your task is done.

Update History

Secrets of the Apostates

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • XP reward increased from 297,235,856 to 445,853,784.
  • Luminance reward increased from 12,000 to 18,000.
  • XP reward for Nexus Crawler Mask increased from 49,539,309 to 74,308,963.
  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.


  • XP reward decreased from 445,853,784 to 297,235,856
  • Luminance reward decreased from 18,000 to 12,000.
  • XP reward for Nexus Crawler Mask decreased from 74,308,963 to 49,539,309.
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