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Noir Assassination Investigation
Level: Any
Type: Solo
Starts With: Guard Chandler Hammett
Starts At: 0.9N, 51.1E in Lytelthorpe
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Read one of the 3 Signs, located in the capital cities by using it:
  2. Once you've read a sign, return to Lytelthorpe and speak with Dame Brinna O'Shea at 1.0N, 51.1E. She'll give you a Clean Towel and an Trade Note (100).
  3. Now head to Nanto and run to a group of Tree Portals (look like trees) at 47.3S, 83.4E. Use the proper tree to be portaled to La Casa del Noir at MacNiall's Freehold.
    • Note: If you use the wrong tree, you'll get a green message about feeling foolish.
  4. Once you've portaled, read the Open Journal, on the floor in front of you.
  5. Head outside the building and speak with Gentleman Jake Hawkins, located at 74.5S, 92.3E. He'll give you a Confession, Torch, and Bandit Hideout Portal Gem.
  6. Use the Portal Gem to be transported to the Bandit Hideout.
  7. Once inside, use the Bookcase to open the door to the hideout, and enter the hallway.
    • Tip: If you can't see inside the dungeon, wield the Torch.
  8. Hug the right wall all the way to the bottom, and jump into the pit.
  9. From here, head North into an octagon style room, where you'll find a Graven Idol. Use it to be portaled into the Bandit Hideout Prison.
  10. Pick up the Broken Fishing Pole from the ground, and wield it as a weapon.
  11. Once wielded, select the Key Ring, using the [ key on your keyboard and press R to use it. You'll receive a Gate Key.
  12. Use the Gate Key on the Prison Door to open it, and leave the cell.
  13. Go to the Northwest corner of the room and pick up the Bandit Mask lying on the ground. Put it on your head.
  14. Once you have the mask on, use the Torch on the North pillar, which opens the door on the West wall.
  15. Quickly head through the door and up down the hall past the sleeping bandits. At the intersection go left, and follow the hall until you reach an NPC named Klaus.
    • Note: If you go right at the intersection, you'll find an NPC named Argyle.
  16. Bribe Klaus by handing him the trade note. He will open the door to the treasure room for you. Go inside.
  17. Hand your Clean Towel to the Encrusted Scrollcase, located in the middle of the treasure room to receive an Odd Scroll Case.
  18. Use the Undisclosed Location portal on the East wall to return to Lytelthorpe.
  19. Return to Dame Brinna O'Shea at 1.0N, 51.1E and hand her the Broken Fishing Pole, Confession, Odd Scroll Case, and the Bandit Mask to receive your rewards.
  20. Hand the Gumshoe Token back to Dame Brinna O'Shea to receive the title of Gumshoe.


  • Rewards for the Broken Fishing Pole and Odd Scroll Case are random.

Dungeons & Maps

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Bandit Hideout N/A -- 5E4C
Bandit Hideout Prison From Bandit Hideout -- 5E4D


Give Bandit Mask to Dame Brinna O'Shea
Give Broken Fishing Pole to Dame Brinna O'Shea
  • Random piece of loot
Give Confession to Dame Brinna O'Shea
Give Odd Scroll Case to Dame Brinna O'Shea
  • Random piece of loot
Give Gumshoe Token to Dame Brinna O'Shea
Titles: Gumshoe



Speaking to Guard Chandler Hammett

Guard Chandler Hammett tells you, "Hail friend, perhaps you haven't seen the signs in the capital cities. We've been asked to assist in an investigation. Dame Brinna O'Shea is handling the proceedings..."

You think, "The guard went on. This was beginning to look like an interesting proposition. The capital cities, eh. Who knows maybe they'd provide me with a little insight. I weighed the possibilities and thought about visiting this Dame. But first I needed to find out where she was hiding. The sign in the capital cities was my only clue."
Using a "Sign"

You think, "A sign. They're everywhere nowadays...from the smile on the grocer's face, to the voices that carry on the wind. I'd seen a fair share of signs in my day, but this was a day like no other and this was a sign that I couldn't pass by."

You think, "I was walking through the center of another capital city -minding my own business- when the sign called to me, like a cheap piece of amuli gifted with a major coordination cantrip. Curiosity got the better of me and like an ursuin cub, I found myself staring at the honeypot...this sign."

You think, "I didn't mean to get involved, and if given the choice, I might keep my hands clean... turn the other way and let well enough alone. But who was I trying to fool? I was just as interested as the next person trapped on this crazy world, where magic rules and bugs can talk."

You think, "The letters were evenly spaced, like the cobwebs that lined my mind. The words had been written by a fair and steady hand. I could only imagine it was a Dame who had started me off on this path. If it was a Dame... that meant trouble. Dames -always- meant trouble."

You think, "I finished reading. I caught the bits and pieces hidden in the well-written prose. There was something amiss. This Dame needed help. She was reaching out to any soul that didn't have 'dark master of all things evil' tattooed on their foreheads. I pondered if I should get involved as I read the location of her place."

You think, "The Lytelthorpe Keep, Central Tower. Would I stay, or would I go?"
Speaking to Dame Brinna O'Shea

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "You must have seen the sign. Please sit down."

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "I'm so glad you came..."

You think, "They were always glad. It meant that they no longer had to shoulder the weight of what they knew alone. Camaraderie came from such knowledge. She kept talking and I was having trouble listening."

You think, "My mind kept drifting away to other thoughts. She talked fast, like the buzzing of bees around the first flower in spring. I was doing my best to keep up with the conversation but...there was too much. After a moment or two, I didn't care anymore. I got comfortable..."

You think, "The Dame kept going, talking about some man. Maybe in green armor, with a green dagger or something like that; I didn't care anymore. Her voice was grating on my nerves, like cheese drawn over a cheese grater. I shifted and got really comfortable."

You think, "The Dame was worried. I felt like I should stand up, clear my throat, tell her everything would be fine. But that would mean she'd sob."

You think, "Too late. The buzzing sound of her voice gave way to delirious talk about assassination. I pretended to listen and leaned forward..."

You think, "Then it ceased. It was like opening a Singularity Chest to find three perfectly matched dual major armor pieces, each enhancing a skill I possessed. But like every dream, it ended. Reality smacked me in the jaw, like a Peerless Drudge catching me with my faceplate up. The droning pitch of her voice returned. I got comfortable and listened to the rest of the Dame's tale."

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "...and that's why I need you to help me."

You think, "I stood quickly. Better she thought I had heard everything that she had to say, rather than tell her the truth. I crossed my arms and gave her a stern look."

You think, "Before I could think, I said 'I'll do it.'"

You say, "I'll do it."

You think, "She gave me a clean towel..."

Dame Brinna O'Shea gives you Clean Towel.

You think, "...a trade note for my trouble..."

Dame Brinna O'Shea gives you Trade Note (100).

You think, "...and a location..."

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "The last spot we knew he could be found was off the road in a copse of trees, north of Nanto."

You think, "I didn't have to ask what to expect there. Like I said before, Dames were always trouble. I was knee deep with this one."

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "Thank you, again."

You think, "The kiss was a nice touch. Though it left me with a sinking feeling. Like getting caught off your guard when the Hopeslayer asks you a question. Never peeve the 24 foot tall Lord of Darkness, you might find yourself falling from the top of the world and believe me, you can't see your house from there."

You think, "I weighed my choices and decided what I needed to do. The entrance to the place would be hidden amongst the trees, but I'd find a way in."
Speaking to Dame Brinna O'Shea again

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "We need to know if there are any clues. Please..."

You think, "There it was again. That slow grating tone. We need your help. Can't you help us? Of course I could. The question was - would I?"

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "The last spot we had heard about him was in a copse of trees, north of Nanto."
Using the wrong trees

You think, "I was rattled. I found myself unable to find the forest for the trees. I ran my hands along the bark, searching for any type of clue that might help me understand what the Dame wanted. I should have been listening. Now I was out here playing patty-cake with a tree..."

You think, "...I felt pretty foolish."
Using the correct tree

You think, "Ever since I left the Dame standing in her room all alone I couldn't help but wonder..."

You think, "What was the towel for? I stopped and looked myself over twice, nothing on my face or hands. I knew I should have been paying attention while she was talking, but her voice kept me occupied."

You think, "I found myself running my hands over trees. They all looked alike in this little copse. I felt strange, like being watched. The feeling passed after a moment... As I ran my hands over the tree in front of me, I was struck by an odd feeling of deja vu..."

You think, "I didn't remember seeing this place before, but somewhere in the dark shadows that shrouded my mind, I knew I had. Sure it had changed, but a lot had changed since I walked through that first swirling portal on Ispar. I was no hero there. I was simply living my life. I felt like I was waiting for something."

You think, "I had the urge to dance..."

You think, "I suddenly realized that this tree was different from the others. There was a light syrupy texture that coated the branches. I pulled my hand up to my lips for a quick taste."

You think, "A heavy weight landed on my shoulders in the form of my head. It was like having 'Weight of the World' cast on you while making a run to the shop to unload your latest armor haul. Everything slowed down and a taste of honey filled my mouth. I dropped to a knee..."

You think, "...but it wasn't enough. I fell to the ground, like a mosswart who had zigged when he should have zagged."

You think, "The world spun out of control, a long gray tunnel filled with purple shards told me that I was heading back to my lifestone. The tree's sap had played the role of hammer to my olthoi shell."

You think, "But my ride through the big swirl dropped me somewhere else. I didn't know where I was. An open book on a nearby desk called to me."
Using the Open Journal

You think, "The book told a strange tale. Seems that there was an operation waylaying adventurer's foolish enough to come into contact with that tree. Some kind of strange powder created by a man that lurked in the shadows coated the branches. The powder induced hallucination and caused paralysis. That explained the dancing... and the falling down."

You think, "Reading on, I found out that whoever was keeping this little ledger was responsible for delivery of those that fell at the tree. Seems like I was supposed to be next."

You think, "I had been kidnapped. Whoever had written this journal had thought better of delivering me to the brigands. They'd left me with my armor, weapons and trinkets...I'd need to find them and shake them down for information. Judging by the timbre of the book, that wouldn't be hard."

You think, "Outside, I heard the sounds of the jungle. I wasn't on the mainland of Dereth. No, more likely this was the Vesayen Islands. Somewhere outside, I figured on finding answers."
Using the Open Journal again

You think, "I'd already gotten everything I needed from the book. Now I needed to find its author."
Gentleman Jake Hawkins

You think, "The man standing before me looked haggard. As soon as he saw me approaching, he started shaking like a leaf getting ready to be shed in the autumn air."

You think, "Being one to press my advantage, I shook the man down."

You think, "He folded like a simulacrum skin suit falling to the ground..."

You think, "He was begging me not to slap him silly. He wasn't worth the effort. His tale was pretty simple. Lonely kid, came through the portal from Ispar and got involved in the wrong crowd. He'd heard whispers coming down through the chain of command and ran when the kitchen fires grew too hot. Now he was a refugee, living in MacNiall's Freehold. He talked big, but sobbed bigger."

You think, "I was less than enthused, and waited for his blubbering to end."

You think, "When his tantrum was done he handed me a torch..."

Gentleman Jake Hawkins gives you Torch.

You think, "...a signed confession..."

Gentleman Jake Hawkins gives you Confession.

You think, "...and a portal gem."

Gentleman Jake Hawkins gives you Portal Gem.

You think, "The choice was up to me now. Did I chance what lay in the dungeon beyond this gem. The blubbering idiot standing before me told me it was dark. How dark? Dark enough that the torch would be my only light. I wasn't afraid, just wary...maybe this would best wait for a later time."
Talking to Gentleman Jake Hawkins again

You think, "More crying. Either this guy was related to a mite, or he was genuinely afraid for his life. I figured I had learned everything that there was from, Gentleman Jake. Time to choose. Continue on my journey now, or wait until later."
Using the bookcase (door)

You think, "Gentleman Jake proved to be good to his word. This place was dark, nearly as dark as the shadowy souls that stalked the darker places of Dereth. I'd need to watch my step in here or get stuck at the bottom of some ditch. What the gentleman hadn't told me about was that the portal gem he'd given me dropped me in a room with no doors. Just this bookcase."

You think, "No surprise that when I started to peruse the shelves I found that most of them were covered in settled dust. All the books were covered in the dust too, except one. It stood out like a Virindi at an allegiance meeting. I pulled the book a little and the bookcase parted."
Using the Graven Idol

You think, "The stone was smooth along the bottom and looked roughly like a mosswart. In the dark, it was difficult to tell if there were markings lining the base of the statue. For the first time since talking to the Dame I felt lost, confused. What did the mosswarts have to do with an assassination attempt? Did they have anything to do with it?"

You think, "The dark room had me jumping at shadows, a shiver ran down my spine."

You think, "That feeling of being watched came over me again. Without warning the great behemoth in front of me came to life..."

You think, "I threw my hands up instinctively..."

You think, "...voices started hammering my ears, like lugians pounding metal on anvils in Linvak Tukal. The statue swung once..."

You think, "My world spun out of control."

You think, "I saw the spinning of the portal and realized what was coming next."

You think, "The trip was rough, I felt like a banderling had just hit me upside the head with a club while I was wearing a cloth cap. Not enough foresight on the hunters part. Only this time, the hunter was looking to trap answers and catching beatings in their place."

You think, "I figured on seeing my lifestone again. But as the swirl of portal space started to drip away, leaving the hard edges of reality in its place, I saw that things couldn't be much worse than this. I was caged like a sacrifice. On the floor, lay a broken fishing pole and a skeleton. A set of keys taunted me out in the hall beyond a locked prison door. The slack jaw and vacant eyes of the skeleton mocked me, like a tattoo displayed on one of the drones standing around the marketplace. Dead men told no tales for the most part, but something told me that this skeleton would be howling like a mite, if given half a chance."
Using the Skeleton

You think, "The nubs of this poor bastard's fingers had been rubbed clean to the bone, while he was alive. Chips of bone had been torn free from the tips of his fingers. He hadn't found a way out. If I didn't think fast, I'd suffer the same fate."

You think, "I reasoned that the fishing pole belonged to the unlucky departed next to me. It was broken, no line, no reel, but it was longer than a budiaq. I was starting to feel the empty eyes of my cell mate boring through me. Time to think quick. A gentle breeze caused a keyring to clink against the wall just outside the prison door. It had fallen to the floor, maybe I could reach it- if I tried hard enough."
Using the Skelton again

You think, "The dull, lifeless eyes of the skeleton caused a chill to run down my back"

Y0ou think, "I needed to find a way out of this place, before I ended up like him. What would Martine do?"
Using the Key Ring

You think, "Though I struggled to reach the ring through the bars of the prison gate, it remained just outside of my reach. Who was I kidding, even with a -budiaq- the distance would be a stretch. If only I had a longer pole."
Using the Key Ring (with fishing pole equipped)

You think, "Brilliance comes in small bursts. Sometimes when starving becomes a possible reality- Possible reality...wasn't that an oxymoron? No time to quibble with myself. I gently lifted the key and drew it toward me, score one for being brighter than the poor soul beside me."

Key Ring gives you Gate Key.

You think, "I couldn't contain my elation."

You think, "I felt like Alatar Locke documenting his latest find. This key was my ticket to freedom, and I was ready to be set free. I decided that the pole might have some worth if I gave it back to the Dame, when the time came."

You think, "The room beyond was full of torches, cells like mine, and a single wooden door. I figured the door wasn't going to open by the usual method, and the key ring was empty. I felt like a rat caught in maze without cheese. My stomach was grumbling, and I could smell food cooking somewhere beyond."
Using the Key Ring again

You think, "Nothing more for me there. I had gotten everything that lovely keyring had to offer. I was free, and all I needed to do was use the key."
Using incorrect torches

You think, "As I grabbed the torch and tried to twist I was met with resistance. The kind of resistance you'd expect from a Virindi after saying it was an individual. Nothing was moving, the door remained closed."
Using the Torch on the North pillar

You think, "In the rooms beyond, I heard the sound of people snoring. They were all asleep, like mu-miyah wrapped snugly in their sarcophagi. If I was smart and quiet, I might find my way out. No need to itch for a fight. I noticed a discarded piece of cloth lying on the ground not far from the torch. Maybe it would come in handy."
Speaking to Klaus

You think, "This guy was something else. They must have been paying him the pocket change that young banderlings carry around. He kept going on about only needing 100 pyreals. 100 pyreals? I had a trade note for that much. Did the Dame know that I'd need it...I'd written it off as a back-handed sum of cash to undertake a dangerous case. Now, I saw the irony of the situation was like statues built in foundries beneath our towns."

You think, "He was looking for a bribe. I just might have the money he needed."
Speaking to Argyle

You think, "The man looked me over with a hint of malice in his eye. I'd seen that look before. His type only respected strength. I showed him I meant business."

You think, "He saw things my way. All brawn and no brain. He reminded me of a shreth, charging forward not realizing that it looks a lot tougher than it really is."
Speaking to Agyle (without mask on)

You think, "I started to think back over the mistakes that I made getting to this point. The first was thinking that I was getting past this guy. He wasn't an overly large man, more or less my size, really. But he was irascible, kept saying something about only bandits can get in the treasure room. I was a prisoner it appeared...gee thanks for the update big man. Guess he didn't get the memo that unlike a k'nath, I didn't just pop out of the ether."

You think, "I tried to calm him down..."

You think, "It didn't help. He was swinging and there was nothing that I could do about it."

You evaded Argyle!

Argyle teleports you with Beaten into Submission.

You think, "The world was spinning again. I knew where I'd end up. The bandits had their orders. I was being kept alive for some purpose. I'd find myself back in the cage..."
Handing in "Trade Note (100)" to Klaus

You give Klaus Trade Note (100).

You think, "He looked like a kid running around the holiday pole. The gleam in his eye reminded me of a diamond golem in the noonday sun. He opened the door without hesitation and bowed deeply."
Using the Encrusted Scroll Case

You think, "The room was full of gold and trinkets, but this was the real prize. It was stuck to the top of a pedestal by hardened and caked mud. I tried to pry the thing off the pedestal to no avail. I needed something to clean it with..."

You think, "The towel!"

You think, "Once again my initial discussion with the Dame flooded into my head. She'd given me a towel. I hadn't known what it was for. Now, it was all clear. I needed to handle this thing right. If I could just get the towel to wipe off the scroll case..."
Giving Clean Towel to the Encrusted Scroll Case

You give Encrusted Scroll Case Clean Towel.

You think, "I wiped the scroll case clean, the towel was as rancid as a swamp gromnie's breath. I tossed it aside. Then, like a tinkerer applying iron to a client's prized sword, I lifted the scroll case."

You think, "I had the case in my hand, I didn't want to open it for fear that the contents might crumble away to nothing. Besides, in the recesses of my mind I figured this was what the Dame was looking for. I looked around the room and spotted a portal. It beckoned me like the soul cage that imprisons Gaerlan."

You think, "I was happy..."

You think, "...and there was no time like the present to see where the portal would take me."
Speaking to Guard Chandler Hammett after completing Bandit Hideout

You think, "The guard was well-spoken and informative. He looked at me with a hint of surprise. He noticed the scroll case immediately and told me to hurry along to Dame Brinna. Apparently, this was what she was after. I'd never truly doubted it. A sense of pride and accomplishment fill me."

You think, "I had the broken fishing pole..."

You think, "...the bandit mask..."

You think, "...and the scroll case..."

You think, "...and the signed confession."

You think, "I suddenly realized that I was acting very foolish. I realized I didn't care. I was sure to make out like a bandit, the irony of that thought didn't escape me..."

You think, "This holiday season would bring me better gifts than I'd ever seen before, but something was missing. I didn't feel like I'd put the entire matter to rest."
Handing in Broken Fishing Pole

You give Dame Brinna O'Shea Broken Fishing Pole.

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "It's broken..."

You think, "No getting that past this Dame. She spotted the missing line and reel before I handed the broken pole over. I made some quick comment to her about finding it in the bandit hideout. Maybe it'd turn up a clue here or there. It was a lie. It felt like a lie, thinking quick I scratched my head..."

You think, "That threw her off, I don't believe it...it threw her off. Wait, why am I thinking this? Ooo, did she just say something funny..."

You think, "...drat, a second too late and now I look foolish, Hmmm...what to do?"

You think, "The Dame paused and then turned away a moment...I stopped acting like a jerk..."

Dame Brinna O'Shea gives you [Random Loot].

You think, "Apparently she knew my ruse...still this was better than a useless fishing rod. She bowed..."

You think, "I bowed in response then headed out to join the festival celebrations. I wish that there was something I could do with this mask, this note and this scroll case. Something gnawed at my conscience, like a reedshark gnawing a shin bone, I didn't think that I'd found all there was to know. For now, I was content to enjoy the holiday cheer."
Handing in Odd Scroll Case

You give Dame Brinna O'Shea Odd Scroll Case.

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "This looks like it could be something. I'll have it looked over. You've done well. You deserve a reward-"

You think, "She looked me over like a jeweler appraising a fine gem, sunstone maybe, or white sapphire. Whatever the look meant, it made me feel appreciated. I was pleased that I had figured out what the Dame wanted. I could see by the expression on her face I'd done well."

You think, "She was talking again, but her voice wasn't as annoying as before. There was a pleasurable quality to it now. I'd done good. The Dame was pleased and I knew that I'd be handsomely rewarded. Well earned in my book. She said something funny and we both laughed."

You think, "Then she handed me a gift..."

Dame Brinna O'Shea gives you [Random Loot].

You think, "Not bad. I bowed..."

You think, "...and headed off to join the festival celebrations. I wish that there was something I could do with this broken fishing pole, this mask and this note. Something gnawed at my conscience, like a reedshark gnawing a shin bone, I didn't think that I'd found all there was to know. For now, I was content to enjoy the holiday cheer."
Handing in Confession

You give Dame Brinna O'Shea Confession.

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "This is interesting. This man will certainly have information that we can use. Pretty swell work..."

You think, " I felt proud, like an adventurer who killed his first drudge. I showed my pride by standing like a conquering hero."

You think, "She handed me two gifts..."

Dame Brinna O'Shea gives you Crimped Hat.

Dame Brinna O'Shea gives you Gumshoe Token.

You think, "...a hat and a token. She said she'd take the token and give me a new title. Something like, gumshoe. I didn't ken what the Dame was saying, but the words felt pretty good. Praise is best served warm and meaningful."

You think, "She turned back, holding a trinket. I tried to tell her no."

You think, "She'd hear nothing of it..."

Dame Brinna O'Shea gives you [Random Loot].

You think, "She dropped the trinkent into my hands. A reward for a job well done."

You think, "Again, she blew me a kiss. This Dame was strange, it was just a note. Sure it might be a lead to solving a question about who tried to kill the High Queen, but then again it might lead to an interesting new recipe for chicken. I smiled either way, bowed..."

You think, "...and headed out to join the festival celebrations. I wish that there was something I could do with this broken fishing pole and this scroll case. Something gnawed at my conscience, like a reedshark gnawing a shin bone, I didn't think that I'd found all there was to know. For now, I was content to enjoy the holiday cheer."
Handing in Bandit Mask

You give Dame Brinna O'Shea Bandit Mask.

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "Interesting, looks like they like to dress up... You too?"

You think, "I didn't know if it was a question. It sounded more like a statement. I stood there, bewildered, like a mage waiting for his spell to kill a drudge, only to see the mana disappear into nowhere. She turned away from me as I shrugged."

You think, "When she turned back she gave me the best gift of all."

Dame Brinna O'Shea gives you Dapper Suit [Sleek Dress for female characters].

You think, "She curtseyed as I stared at her in quiet disbelief. Of all the gifts the High Queen bestowed on me for this little task, this was the best."

Dame Brinna O'Shea tells you, "Oh, and yes...you can dye it."

You think, "I bowed..."

You think, "...and headed out to join the festival celebrations. Something gnawed at my conscience, like a reedshark gnawing a shin bone, I didn't think that I'd found all there was to know. For now, I was content to enjoy the holiday cheer."
Handing in Gumshoe Token

You give Dame Brinna O'Shea Gumshoe Token.

You think, "She started motioning..."

You think, "Next thing I knew she was calling me a Gumshoe."
Speaking to Dame Brinna O'Shea after completing the quest

You think, "As I approached, I noticed a hint of recognition on the Dame's face. I was here not that long ago, I'd have to wait a little longer. For now, I couldn't go on."

Update History

Waking from the Abyss

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.
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