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"Harsh, barren, and riddled with jagged mountains and sinister swamps, this broad expanse lacks safe havens for the weak and weary. Newcomers are advised to steer clear of these parts. Even Fort Tethana, the rumored human bastion in the northern reaches, lies amid fierce Tumeroks. It is far safer for unseasoned adventurers to stay in Osteth. On that side of the Island, near the edge of human settlements, they can hone their skills by hunting lesser creatures with others of like experience."[1]


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NPC Name Location Type Details
Blacksmith 25.2S, 53.1W Shopkeeper Armor
Peddler 9.4S, 71.9W Shopkeeper Basic Supplies
Healer 9.4S, 71.9W Shopkeeper Healing Supplies & Services
Merchant 18.1S, 56.9W Shopkeeper Basic Supplies


Dropped Items
Gloom Drudge Charm Icon Gloom Drudge CharmMurk Drudge Charm Icon Murk Drudge CharmDrudge Sage Charm Icon Sage Drudge CharmMystic Drudge Charm Icon Mystic Drudge CharmBloodthirsty Monouga Idol Icon Bloodthirsty Monouga IdolInsidious Monouga Idol Icon Insidious Monouga IdolMerciless Monouga Idol Icon Merciless Monouga IdolBanderling Antagonist Scalp Icon Banderling Antagonist ScalpBanderling Slayer Scalp Icon Banderling Slayer ScalpGold Golem Heart Icon Gold Golem HeartPlate Armoredillo Spine Icon Plate Armoredillo SpineSlasher Reedshark Hide Icon Slasher Reedshark Hide
Landscape Items
Argenory Plant Icon Argenory PlantLapyan Plant Icon Lapyan PlantMinalim Plant Icon Minalim PlantRelanim Plant Icon Relanim PlantDirty Old Crate Icon Dirty Old CrateDirective's Cache Icon Directive's CacheSingularity Trove Icon Singularity Trove

Geographic Areas


Points of Interest

Emboldened POI are those indicated on the Ingame Map as yellow dots. See also Points of Interest Map




Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Accursed Halls 24.0S, 57.9W -- 01F9 Altar of Bael'Zharon Quest
Ancient Lighthouse 4.0N, 73.6W -- 01A9 Premonitions of the Fourth Sending of Darkness
Black Spawn Den 13.6N, 79.8W -- 0105 Tusker Guard Kill Task
Creepy Canyons 4.6N, 89.5W -- 0031 Lost Pet
Direlands Subway 18.6S, 84.4W -- 1568 None
Hieromancers' Halls 4.4S, 82.8W -- 02A9 Hieromancer's Armor
Malignant Tabernacle 23.2S 46.0W -- 536C Quiddity Weapons Quest
Mistress Gabille's Dig 8.5N, 88.9W -- 0042 Faces of the Mukkir
Mistress Halmera's Dig 8.6N, 58.6W -- 0041 Faces of the Mukkir
Monouga Feeding Pits 10.1N, 56.7W 1A73 1A73.png -- Monouga Feeding Pit Quest, Monouga Laboratory
Mountain Halls 10.1N, 56.7W -- 0192 None
Mount Naipenset Caverns 5.6N, 56.2W -- 0147 Machinist's Gloves Quest, Undead Mechanic Quest
Old Talisman 2.3S, 85.6W -- 01EA Altar of Bael'Zharon Quest
Renegade Incursion 0.5N, 73.3W -- 0030 Fort Tethana Tug of War
Sclavus Cathedral 17.9S, 89.6W -- 02F7 None
The Dark Spiral 15.9N, 68.7W -- 00CF The Dark Spiral Quest
Tumerok Base 9.0N, 65.7W -- 01A1 None
Tumerok Fortress 12.3N, 73.7W -- 01BE Overlord's Sword Quest
Tumerok Mine 7.9N, 61.3W -- 01C1 Overlord's Sword Quest, The Hunt for Muldaveus
Tumerok Post 12.2N 68.1W -- 019F None
Tumerok Dungeon 9.6S, 62.9W -- 01A0 None
Tusker Temple 0.7N, 68.1W -- 5C4A Aphus Lassel
Venemous Nidus 13.1S, 91.8W -- 536E Quiddity Weapons Quest
Viamontian Direlands Mine 8.6N, 76.4W -- 0048 Necklace of the Elemental Adepts Quest
War Room 12.1S, 92.7W -- 0010 Drudge Aviator
Western Power Forge 21.9S, 43.8W -- 0006 Power Forges


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Note: Most landscape creatures have a spawn map on the creature's article page.

Armoredillo Icon Armoredillo

Banderling Icon Banderling

Crystal Icon Crystal

Drudge Icon Drudge

Fire Elemental Icon Fire Elemental

Golem Icon Golem

Gotrok Lugian Icon Gotrok Lugian

Grievver Icon Grievver

Monouga Icon Monouga

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Rat Icon Rat

Reedshark Icon Reedshark

Shadow Icon Shadow

Skeleton Icon Skeleton

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Tusker Icon Tusker

Wisp Icon Wisp

Zefir Icon Zefir



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