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Northern Shroud Cabal
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 60+
Type: Solo
Starts With: Nomendar al-Rakh (Optional)
Starts At: Sawato at 28.6S, 59.2E
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Northern Shroud Cabal


Walkthrough & Notes[]

  1. Find and defeat a Shroud Cabal Raider Captain.
  2. Loot the Raider Captain's Resonator.
  3. The inscription indicates that the Resonator should be taken to the Northern Resonating Crystal at 51.5N, 32.6E.
  4. Hand the resonator to the crystal to enter the Northern Resonating Crystal dungeon.
  5. Form the drop point, go straight on until you come to a room with an altar and pink plasma.
  6. Kill the Shroud Cabal Node-Leech here.
  7. Loot the Node Leech's Medallion and Node-Leech's Orders (optional).
  8. Return the medallion to Nomendar al-Rakh in Sawato at 28.6S, 59.2E for your rewards.

Dungeons & Maps[]

Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps
Northern Resonating Crystal 51.5N, 32.6E -- --


Give Node Leech's Medallion to Nomendar al-Rakh
Experience: 12,000,000 (100% up to level 63)



Opening Dialog[]

Nomendar al-Rakh tells you, "Greetings! Have you run into any human bandits that belong to a group known as the Shroud Cabal? I represent a group of concerned Geomancers who are afraid that these renegades may pose some kind of threat, or represent a new threat to the people of Dereth... If you come across any of their artifacts, please bring them to me and I shall try to reward you."

Giving Raider Captain's Resonator to Northern Resonating Crystal[]

You give Northern Resonating Crystal Raider Captain's Resonator.
As you hold the resonator against the crystal, a warm, harmonious tone fills the center of the menhir ring, and you feel yourself being pulled gently into portal space...

Giving Node Leech's Medallion to Nomendar al-Rakh[]

You give Nomendar al-Rakh Node Leech's Medallion.
Nomendar al-Rakh tells you, "Very interesting! This medallion can actually be used to directly siphon mana out of a node between ley lines, if one possesses the geomantic skill necessary... Not useful to one such as yourself, you understand, but I have colleagues who would find this medallion to be valuable and informative. All I can do is thank you with some practical experience..."
You've earned 12,000,000 experience.

Update History[]

The Beast With Many Heads

  • Quest introduced.

Filling in the Blanks

  • XP reward increased from 6,882,688 (10% up to level 100) to 12,000,000(100% up to level 63).

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 6 days to 20 hours.