Introduced:  Throne of Destiny Related Quests:  Chasing Oswald
Note to Alvirre
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  • Burden: 5
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  • A note found on a dead Viamontian.

Dear Alvirre,

I wish to compliment you on your competent and discreet service. There is one more favor that I will ask of you. I know that you have some access to the royal archives in the princeling's gaudy new palace. I know that the princeling sent many of his minions on exploratory expeditions all over the islands, and that all notes from these expeditions end up in those archives. I would consider it a great favor if you could dig up any notes on the expeditions that went to the Ruschk fortress located at 87.3N, 51.8W.

-- O


You give Huntsman of Silyun Note to Alvirre.

Huntsman of Silyun tells you, "This is what you found in the Lugian Ice Tunnels? Most curious. It seems that Oswald has taken an interest in the Ruschk, for some reason. I believe the location to which he refers is the Ruschk Icehold. You can find it at 87.3N, 51.8W. Please go there and continue the investigation."

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