Introduced:  A Reign of Stone Updated:  A New Threat
Novedion the Gem Seller
Non-Player Killer
Novedion the Gem Seller Live
Race Lugian
Title Gem Seller
Location 42.2N, 33.8E in Holtburg
Level 42
Strength 240
Endurance 210
Coordination 160
Quickness 110
Focus 170
Self 170
Health 195
Stamina 290
Mana 300



Pyreal Icon Pyreal




Lore & Dialog


Novedion the Gem Seller tells you, "Greetings. I and my two brothers have been sent to some of the Isparian Arrival points to offer our fine wares. While many Isparians have only dealt with our less refined cousins, the Tukal smiths are masters of many arts. These particular gems have been crafted by some of our finest master gem crafters and imbued with helpful magics which I am sure will be useful to the Isparian adventurer. I also am selling Benevolent Calm, a necessary ingredient to fashion the Staff of Clarity."

Buying From

Novedion the Gem Seller tells you, "You will find that to be of good service to you in the future."

Selling To

Novedion the Gem Seller tells you, "I regret that I am not able to pay you very much for this. I still am not adept at figuring out the Isparian economy."


Novedion the Gem Seller tells you, "Remember that the Lugian and Isparian relationship does not need to be awash in blood."

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