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Nuhmudira is a Milantean mage[1], though she passes herself as Gharu'ndim and on Ispar she was a scholar of Tirethas[2]. She studied ancient Falatacot rituals and is rumored to practice Blood Magic.[3][4] Together with Candeth Martine, she is one of the few who have grasped the higher concepts of magic, and put them into use.[5]

She is also referred to as "The Singer"[6] [7], "she, who sings to the world"[8], the "Blood-Witch"[9]; the Aluvians called her the reincarnation of their Winter Queen, Alfrega[10], and nicknamed her "The Monster of the Labyrinth"[2].

She played a major role during the Elements of Revenge and A Time of Chaos Story Arcs.

The Arcanum and Nuhmudira's experiments with Blood Magic[]

She was once leader of The Arcanum and member of Elysa's Royal Council[11][12].

As leader of the Arcanum she researched and discovered the secrets of the Lifestones.[13][14] She learned that the lifestones of Dereth, while seeming to be a boon granting eternal life to Isparians, in reality sustained the life of the Empyreans trapped in portal space. Nuhmudira learned how to sever the connection between an Isparian soul and the Empyrean lifestones, and learned to create her own lifestones, for the benefit of allied Isparians only.[15] A few of these style Lifestones came into being in for example the Olthoi North and Marae Lassel.[16] [2] [17]. She was also responsible for establishing housing and the housing settlements.[1][11][18]. Last but not least, The Arcanum under her leadership discovered the secret to redistribute skills and attributes.[19]

She has a strong distrust of Asheron and all Empyreans, fearing that if the Yalaini return it will be the end of the Isparians.[2][10][20][14][15] To that end, she practices Blood Magic and other Empyrean magics in hopes to provide Isparians with the means to defend against Empyreans.[10][21]

She is also responsible for creating house barriers to shield the Isparians from the Empyrean, though Gaerlan proved immune to these, so even the sanctity and safety of being within one's home had become unsure. [22]

The distrust is mutual: Asheron thinks Nuhmudira plays with primal forces that are far beyond her frame to contain and that she is mainly searching for power. [23]

Nuhmudira planned to make a school in Arwic supposedly in the currently empty villas seen on the east side of town. However, her plans apparently never came to fruition because after many years no school has yet to open and the buildings remain empty.[Citation Needed]

She abandoned her work with The Arcanum, though still supports their activities.[14][24]

She broke with the Council[15] or was removed from the Council after being accused of using dark magics.[25] Not all Isparians believe these accusations though, especially those with strong ties to the Arcanum.[26] and many are thankful for what she did for the Isparian people.[27][28] Others strongly oppose her, and damned her for the sacrifices made.[29]

It is unknown when she first started experimenting with Blood Magic, but during the Elements of Revenge Story Arc, she becomes enticed with it more and more, and crosses lines she knew there was no way back. She was inspired by one of the books she found during her travels, to which she refers as the "Book of Blood", Hanaureli Rezau in the Yalaini language, Inikshai Ardun in Dericostian.[21]

  • After her first victims, Nuhmudira is more and more tempted to use this magic, and the sacrifices it demands.[21]
  • In her Journal, Nuhmudira herself states she has put many "outlaws to the dagger on the cold stone slab" [10]
  • In Nuhmudira's Dungeon, the body of a Sacrificed Zharalim can be found. This sacrificed Zharalim is supposed to be one of her trusted servants, Yal Ibn Rab.[30][31][25][32]
  • She uses her own blood to call for help when held in the Oubliette.[33]

She has since tried to undermine Elysa and Asheron, even attempting to kill[34] them, in order to gain control of the Isparians on Dereth.[Citation Needed] For the assassination of Elysa, she hired Oswald.[35][36]

Elements of Revenge[]

  • Responsible for introducing the Bronze Statues in the towns, with the intention that those would protect these towns from Martine's and the elemental attacks. She used Blood Magic to create these Statues, and many were sacrificed to this end.[37] Unfortunately, something went wrong, and the statues started attacking the same towns they were supposed to protect. It turns out that Gaerlan managed to take control over them.[38][39][40] Candeth Martine duped Nuhmudira into aiding him in his acquisition of raw power, in the collection of the invisible rivers' power, tapping into the so-called Ley Lines. [41]
  • Nuhmudira manages to escape[22][43], with help of ancient Falatacot magics and assistance of the Sclavus.[48] Gaerlan attempts to raise the Harbinger using Nuhmudira as a vessel but fails due to her prior escape.[9][49][14] The energy from the failed summoning destroys the town of Yanshi.[50]
  • Again, during the Repercussions event, Nuhmudira is once more missing. Queen Elysa feels this as a betrayal.[30] Hearing this, her most zealous followers proclaim that she has escaped her imprisonment and is now working to atone for her sins. As proof that she is aiding them in their battles, these zealots point to the fact that even more powerful weapons are being found in the land.[30][51].
  • During the Verdict patch, after the crashing of Gaerlan's Citadel, Isparians managed to fight their way through different dungeons and finally confront Gaerlan. After a long and arduous battle, Gaerlan was slain and Nuhmudira appeared, trapping him in a phylactery.[53][54]

A Time of Chaos[]

  • Nuhmudira asks the Isparians to collect Olthoi Glands dropped by Olthoi Matrons, to conduct research on how to defeat the Olthoi.[57]
  • After sending the Isparians out to collect a Dericost Poison to infect the food of the Olthoi, she send them out to collect different items to prepare for an ancient Falatacot Ritual.[58][59] Nuhmudira's ritual allowed her to contact the mind of the Queen and direct the Isparian forces. Only after Nuhmudira enacted this ancient Falatacot ritual the Isparians were able to defeat the Ancient Olthoi Queen.[56][55]
  • In the final battle, Nuhmudira cast a powerful spell that joined her mind to that of the Ancient Olthoi Queen. Faced with an alien presence in her mind, surrounded by Isparian weapons and spells, and sensing that her broods would be poisoned if they remained, the Ancient Queen fell back. She collapsed the tunnels behind her and fled from Dereth.[60]
  • The Olthoi, without the guidance of their ancient leader, formed into individual hives led by young and old queens. Nuhmudira was missing again, those who last saw her report that she appeared bewildered and stricken with some sort of malady. Sharing her mind with the Olthoi Queen's was debilitating, and perhaps too much for her aging body to survive. Then there was the singing and the laughter that floated on the wind and rubbed the bones of every living creature.[60]


Though Nuhmudira was seldom seen in Dereth after the disappearance of the Ancient Olthoi Queen, later events show she is still alive and active.

  • She was rumored to be killed by Oswald.[62] That Oswald and Nuhmudira are not the best of friends becomes also clear in later lore.[63]
  • She does not refrain from using Blood Magic, and for example uses this to locate Lord Rytheran[67], and subsequently sending out her servants to search him out. Goal is to obtain Lord Rytheran's memories of the Book of Eibhil, to find out what he did wrong, what can be done to stop what he has unleashed.[68]

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  • Zharalim - they serve as Nuhmudira's human servants [71][42][30] and call her "Malika" (Queen).[72]
  • Sclavus - Nuhmudira also used Sclavus as her servants, and they can be found in many locations with which she is associated.[48][30]
  • Ancient Olthoi Queen - weakened and subsequently chased away by Nuhmudira



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