Introduced:  Cogs in the Machine Related Quests:  Gear Knight Parts
Non-Player Killer
Nurino Live
Race Male Sho
Title Arcanum Researcher
Location 41.6S 15.8E in Xarabydun, Second Floor
Level 180
Strength 190
Endurance 220
Coordination 195
Quickness 180
Focus 290
Self 290
Health 306
Stamina 416
Mana 486



Nurino tells you, "Greetings."

Nurino tells you, "My name is Nurino. I am a researcher for the Arcanum who specializes in ancient constructs. I've recently heard both rumors and reports of some strange parts being seen that could be a portion of some ancient form of Golem. I would be very interested in piecing together the truth of these rumors, and if they are true, piecing together this Golem itself."

Nurino tells you, "The majority of the reports have come from adventurers who were dealing with some problem with thugs. I sent a scout to look in the areas reported, but the pieces seem to have been moved. Perhaps the pieces can be found wherever these thugs have gone?"


Untranslated Item Translated Item Event
Large Empyrean Tome Interactions and Observations, 'Gear Knights' 2009/09 Cogs in the Machine
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