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Introduced:  Children of the Prodigal Lord Related Quests:  Aerbax's Prodigal Human
Observations and Instructions: Dojiro Sangi
Observations and Instructions: Dojiro Sangi Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 100
  • 5 of 5 pages full.
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A translation of the Message Shard taken from the Virindi, Demerax that Sculptor.

Master will be pleased. Demerax has done as Master instructed, with Master's potion and Master's most prized experimental subject. Master warned us of the delicacy of the process. The potion is so powerful, Master said, that an indelicately applied dose could undo Master's work of synthesis, or simply destroy the meat-body of the Child. Such care was taken, and Master's timing is so precise, no delay or setback could be permitted in the development of this vessel. Demerax is pleased to be so trusted.

Thrilling, to have had such time and leisure to examine this singular "Human" creature, spawned through horrifying and messy biological practices by other Humans. We have examined this creature inside and out, always remembering to numb or knock out the creature, per Master's instructions. Of course, first we experimented upon the subject itself, briefly, without the numbing - to observe the reactions caused by "pain", the strong stimulation of the Human's neurological apparatus.

After the procedure was completed to Master's exact instructions, Demerax verified that the vessel was completely and properly invested. But the vessel retains a will of its own. It resists and begs and pleads in its undisciplined, viral language. It is more tenacious than any of the other subjects that Master spoke of, but Master warned us to expect this, and Demerax was prepared.

Master told us that Humans had posed such a threat to the Singularity with their own singular wills that they caused the schism between the Singularity and the Master's former comrades. Demerax also remembers the story of the Human called Martine, altered with cruder techniques and less complete understanding by Master himself, before Master broke free of the Directive and severed from the Quiddity. Because of the singularity of the Human will, Master thinks this one will be the most promising of the Children.

Demerax feels jealousy towards this cousin, blessed with so much of Master's care and attention and essence. But Demerax is fascinated and eagerly awaits the occasion when the Child will be released upon its former comrades. There will be so much to observe.


You give Diyas al-Yat Virindi Message Shard.

Diyas al-Yat tells you, "Fascinating..."

Diyas al-Yat shudders.

Diyas al-Yat tells you, "This seems to be the research notes on the creation of a "Prodigal Human". It seems Aerbax was trying to create another Martine, but one with more potential, and bound directly to a shard of his own essence! Is this what his recent creations all are? Shards of his essence, given form?"

Diyas al-Yat tells you, "Here, see for yourself."

Diyas al-Yat gives you Observations and Instructions: Dojiro Sangi.