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Obsidian Plains


The Obsidian Plains are an area in the southwest Direlands. They are a perfectly round, raised plateau of obsidian, scarred with deep cracks and speckled with columns of obsidian, strange blue crystals, and giant mushrooms. Surrounding the Obsidian Plains, one will find the Black Hills, a ring of tall, narrow, blackened plateaus, most of which are inaccessible.

"Sprawling across much of the lower Direlands is this ominous magical wasteland. Strange crystals, seeded long ago by magic gone awry, just from a sea of volcanic glass. Neophytes can expect a swift death at the hands of the cloaked Virindi or other fiendish creatures that roam these parts. The few veteran adventurers returning safely from here claim some Virindi carry special gems that skilled jewelers can turn into powerful magical artifacts."[1]


The Obsidian plains were formed in Empyrean Shadow War, in the year RE 895[2][3] when the Yalaini Council of Five trapped Bael'Zharon in the crystal array.[2][3] The explosive power released destroyed the Jailne Lyceum, where the council had set their trap, and all of the coucil members, save Asheron, were killed.[2][3] The Explosion also ravaged the landscape, creating the Obsidian Plains.[2]


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Dropped Items
Scroll of Dark Rain Icon Scroll of Dark RainBanderling Aggressor Scalp Icon Banderling Aggressor ScalpBroken Virindi Consul Mask Icon Broken Virindi Consul MaskBroken Virindi Desecrator Mask Icon Broken Virindi Desecrator MaskBroken Virindi Inquisitor Mask Icon Broken Virindi Inquisitor MaskBloodletter Drudge Charm Icon Bloodletter Drudge CharmDrudge Cabalist Charm Icon Drudge Cabalist CharmBanderling Bone Ring (Trophy) Icon Banderling Bone Ring (Trophy)Banderling Predator Scalp Icon Banderling Predator ScalpBanderling Savage Arm Icon Banderling Savage ArmMutilator Head Icon Mutilator HeadPeerless Drudge Charm Icon Peerless Drudge CharmPlatinum Golem Heart Icon Platinum Golem HeartTelumiat Hollow Minion Essence Icon Telumiat Hollow Minion Essence
Landscape Items
Chest Brown Icon Runed ChestChest Brown Icon Steel ChestSturdy Steel Chest Icon Sturdy Steel Chest

Geographic Locations

Points of Interest


No Lifestones on the plains; however, some are found in the Black Hills:



Dungeon Coordinates Wiki Map ACmaps Quests
Aerbax's Holding 62.4S, 71.1W -- 594B Preparation for the Ritus
Black Spawn Den 60.0S, 57.7W -- 0105 None
Black Spear Temple Upper Levels 68.5S, 66.1W -- 007E Rossu Morta Chapterhouse Access
Chakron Gate 52.9S, 62.7W -- 02AE Virindi Servant's Amulet Quest,
Sword of Lost Hope Quest
Inculcation Cells 68.8S, 62.5W -- 0295 None
Singularity Bore 64.1S, 63.8W 0291 0291.png 0291 Caul Flagging, Singularity Recall
Shendolain Vestibule 53.8S, 59.6W -- 02E0 Shendolain Vestibule Quest
Singular Obsidian Repository 55.9S, 64.8W -- 039F New Singular Repositories
Sotiris Dungeon 68.0S, 69.2W -- 02C9 None
Tumideon Fortress 56.0S, 60.7W -- 02C7 None
Virindi Fort 61.6S, 54.1W -- 0140 None


Banderling Icon Banderling

Crystal Icon Crystal

Drudge Icon Drudge

Golem Icon Golem

Grievver Icon Grievver

Hollow Minion Icon Hollow Minion

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Shadow Icon Shadow

Tumerok Icon Tumerok

Tusker Icon Tusker

Virindi Icon Virindi

Wisp Icon Wisp

Rare Creature Spawns

Golem Icon Golem

Shadow Icon Shadow

Art & Images

Asheron's Call - Obsidian Plains Timelapse

Asheron's Call - Obsidian Plains Timelapse


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