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Introduced:  Ancient Powers

Loot Generated set of Olthoi Armor

Armor Summary
Name: Olthoi Armor
Heritage: None
Coverage: Full
AL: See Loot


  • Olthoi Armor was first developed by the Olthoi Hunter of Arwic during A Time of Chaos when the Ancient Olthoi Queen was tunneling to Dereth to kill Asheron. The armor was crafted from the remains of various lesser queen-type Olthoi under the brood of the Ancient Queen. Other olthoi hunters, such as the ones living in a cave in the Paradox-touched Valley that craft weapons also seem to be able to craft armor from the remains of Olthoi. The Arcanum's source for the armor is unknown.
  • Loot Generated Olthoi armor was introduced in Ancient Powers as part of the new tier of loot. It is only found in the Arcamun's Mana Forges and the society stronghold chests. Its art is based off of the quest Olthoi Armor.
  • Its armor properties are identical to Covenant Armor - it has high base AL (up to 499), is unenchantable, cannot be tinkered with steel, and requires base defense skills to wield.
  • Olthoi Armor can only be found in chests or on creatures that drop tier 8 loot
  • The main material of the armor is metal (gold, silver, steel, and so on)
  • The armor consists of 9 parts (helm, girth, breastplate, pauldrons, bracers, gauntlets, tassets, greaves, sollerets).
  • Some parts of the armor are semi-transparent, and take on the color of the underclothes: see the white parts on the images below
  • When dyeing, the veins stay the original color (see below for dyed variations).
  • The dye turns the armor into a rather bright variation. Fail dye turns the armor into a bright orange. See Images and Palettes below.

Quest Olthoi Armor

Olthoi Armor Tinkering

Olthoi Armor can also be tinkered, ImmortalBob's Covenant Armor Tinkering Guide may help in decisions on how you go about tinkering your Olthoi armor.


Note: The silvery white areas on the armor in the images below will mirror undershirt color. Click image for full size.
Olthoi Helm Loot Icon.png Olthoi Helm (Loot) Olthoi Breastplate Loot Icon.png Olthoi Breastplate (Loot) Olthoi Girth Loot Icon.png Olthoi Girth (Loot)
Olthoi Helm (Loot) Live.jpg Olthoi Breastplate (Loot) Live.jpg Olthoi Girth (Loot) Live.jpg
Olthoi Pauldrons Loot Icon.png Olthoi Pauldrons (Loot) Olthoi Bracers Loot Icon.png Olthoi Bracers (Loot) Olthoi Gauntlets Loot Icon.png Olthoi Gauntlets (Loot)
Olthoi Pauldrons (Loot) Live.jpg Olthoi Bracers (Loot) Live.jpg Olthoi Gauntlets (Loot) Live.jpg
Olthoi Tassets Loot Icon.png Olthoi Tassets (Loot) Olthoi Greaves Loot Icon.png Olthoi Greaves (Loot) Olthoi Sollerets Loot Icon.png Olthoi Sollerets (Loot)
Olthoi Tassets (Loot) Live.jpg Olthoi Grieves (Loot) Live.jpg Olthoi Sollerets (Loot) Live.jpg

Dyed Olthoi Armor (Loot)

Dyed Olthoi Armor (Loot)
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Lapyan Icon.png
(Light Blue)
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Colban Icon.png
(Dark Blue)
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Verdalim Icon.png
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Minalim Icon.png
(Mint Green)
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Relanim Icon.png
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Lapyan Live.jpg Olthoi Armor (Loot) Colban Live.jpg Olthoi Armor (Loot) Verdalim Live.jpg Olthoi Armor (Loot) Minalim Live.jpg Olthoi Armor (Loot) Relanim Live.jpg
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Thananim Icon.png
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Hennacin Icon.png
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Argenory Icon.png
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Berimphur Icon.png
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Fail Icon.png
Olthoi Armor (Loot) Thananim Live.jpg Olthoi Armor (Loot) Hennacin Live.jpg Olthoi Armor (Loot) Argenory Live.jpg Olthoi Armor (Loot) Berimphur Live.jpg Olthoi Armor (Loot) Fail Live.jpg

Palettes and dye effects

Dye Effects

  • Note that these colors can also be found as Loot colors
Known Palettes for Dyed Olthoi Armor (Loot)
ACID Name Sample DCS Sample Head VT Sample BP Sample Girth Sample Upper Arms Sample Lower Arms Sample Hands VT Sample Upper Legs Sample Lower Legs Sample Feet VT
7718 Lapyan_Olth 0374FA 0879FF 1A84FF 2C8DFE 0879FF 0879FF (conf) 006AEC 0277FF 107CFF
7723 Colban_Olth 0052AF 004291 004BA1 0053B3 004291 003575 004BA1 00408B 004599
7701 Verdalim_Olth 0C5D05 0C6006 137F09 0C6006 0C6006 084504 0F6E07
7697 Minalim_Olth 47F139 3AF329 4AF13C 5BF14E 3AF329 1EF20E 4AF13C 35F322 42F134
7694 Relanim_Olth A714B4 5E0666 46044B 6C0875 5A0661 65066C
7728 Thananim_Olthoi 2D2D2D 292929 323232 292929 292929 292929 1B1B1B 323232 262626 2D2D2D
7743 Hennacin_Olth 7C0000 680000 7B0000 8D0000 680000 4C0000 7B0000 620000 700000
7684 Argenory_Olth EAEAEA E6E6E6 F2F2F2 FCFCFC E6E6E6 (conf) E6E6E6 D6D6D6 F2F2F2 E3E3E3 EBEBEB
7708 Berimphur_Olth A88A0D 685606 776108 876E0A 685606 685606 4D4004 776108 635106 705C07
7712 FailOrange_Olth D9640D E6680E EF6F14 EF7A28 E6680E E6680E CC5C0C EF6F14 E0650E ED6D0F
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.

Palettes found in loot

Known Palettes for Olthoi Armor (Loot)
ACID Name Sample DCS Head Main VT Head 2nd VT Girth Main Girth Veins Feet Main Feet Veins
5589 WhaleBlue_Olth 1D4D88 35506E 3A4A8C 4A428B
5590 TukoraGreen_Olth 007B08 16A200 0B3A00 006006
5591 OliveGold_Olth 858D00 99A200 373A00
5592 SprawlRed_Olth BA1414 3A0000
5593 OwnedOrange_Olth F86C00 FF8400 A43F00
5594 FrozenBlue_Olth 1DF9F9 00393A 005F60
5595 MossGreen_Olth 00552F 003A20 006035
5596 SmokeGrey_Olth 828282 898989 555555
5597 SapphireBlue_Olth 001D5E 00309C 001034 001B58
5598 EclipsePurple_Olth 4E0072 6A009C 230034
5599 AshenGrey_Olth 3C3C3C 3A3A3A 060606 181818
7686 SilverGrey_Olth D8D8D8 B2B2B2 A8A8A8 ECECEC BDBDBD B7B7B7 C0C0C0
7687 FrostGrey_Olth AEAEAE BABABA B0B0B0 D0D0D0 C5C5C5 BFBFBF C8C8C8
7688 WhiteGrey_Olth D4D4D4 B8B8B8 CDCDCD C7C7C7 D0D0D0
7689 FeatherGrey_Olth E7E7E7 CFCFCF C5C5C5 E5E5E5 DADADA DDDDDD
7690 RiftPink_Olth E027F0 E864F4 E533F2 E864F4 E755F4 E657F3
7691 ArtificePink_Olth A00BAA C30ED0 DE22EF D80FE8 DC15EE
7692 TempestPink_Olth D31BE4 B40BC2 A60CB1 C30ED3 BB0DC9 C210D2
7693 NoblePurple_Olth 5A0662 410446 310335 500557 47044C 510558
7694 Relanim_Olth A714B4 4F0555 6E0777 65066C 6E0878
7695 PhloxPurple_Olth 8A0B95 00A259 890B95
7696 PortalPurple_Olth AD0EBA 970AA3 890A92 B20FC1 A70CB4 A60EB4
7697 Minalim_Olth 47F139 3AF329 26F218 5BF14E 49F43A 42F134 4FF041
7698 EloiseGreen_Olth 18A80B 1FDF0D 19CE0C 32EE21 20E610 26ED14
7699 LeafcullGreen_Olth 107A07 1BC00C 1CD10D 1CC70E 20D110
7700 GrassGreen_Olth 0C5C06 084704 063603 0F6707 0B5705 094E04 0D5A06
7701 Verdalim_Olth 0C5D05 0C6006 137F09 0F7007 117208
7702 AphusGreen_Olth 0D5F06 0E6F07 189E0C 128709
7703 OswaldGreen_Olth 0B5906 17A40B 13930A 1EC20F 19B50C 18AB0C
7704 MeriGold_Olth DAB60B F1CA1F F2D253 F3D243 F3CF38 F1CF45
7705 AmberGold_Olth 9F8208 CFAB0D EEC622 F0C611 E7BE0F EEC214
7706 BeamGold_Olth E2BF2B D2AD0E C1A00D EDC314 E3BB0F
7707 MustardBrown_Olt 4D3E04 3A2F03 594906 423604 4C3E05
7708 Berimphur_Olth A88A0D 685606 574905 876E0A 786407 705C07 7A6309
7709 DesertGold_Olth C7A510 8D7409 7C6708 AB8C0D 9D820A 947A0A 9E810C
7710 BrassGold_Olth 564605 A5880B 947B0A C3A00F B6960C AC8E0C B6950E
7711 RogOrange_Olth F17417 F27720 F16F0F F18B44 F28231 F27D28
7712 FailOrange_Olth D9640D E6680E D5620D EF7A28 ED6D0F EE721B
7713 PumpkinOrange_Olth D6620E CE5E0D BD570C EC6C12 DF660E D5620E DF6611
7714 RussetOrange_Olth 91450D 4F2404 3E1C03 703207 572705 632C06
7715 GingerOrange_Olth C45F14 6D3206 5C2A05 8D400A 7E3907 743507
7716 DhoOrange_Olth 7F3A08 863D08 753607 A54B0C 974509 8D4109 98450B
7717 CopperBrown_Olth 98460B A64C0B 95450A C45A0F B7540C AD500C B7540E
7718 Lapyan_Olth 0374FA 0879FF 006EF6 2C8DFE 1A82FF 107CFF 1E85FF
7719 RoyalBlue_Olth 0050B2 0061D8 0E7DFE 0072FC 006DF2 0175FE
7720 LifestoneBlue_Olth 0170F2 005DCC 016EEE 0065DE 0060D4 0167E0
7721 SolidBlue_Olth 0057BA 00387C 002F6A 003B84
7722 ClearSkyBlue_Olth 015ECC 00326F 004BA3 004393 003E89 004495
7723 Colban_Olth 0052AF 004291 00397F 0053B3 004AA3 004599 004CA5
7724 DreamingBlue_Olth 076DE4 0052B3 0049A1 0055BB 015CC7
7725 MistGrey_Olth 969696 959595 8C8C8C A7A7A7 9E9E9E 999999 A0A0A0
7726 DanteGrey_Olth 606060 777777 6E6E6E 696969 808080 7B7B7B 828282
7727 TinGrey_Olth 585858 686868 5F5F5F 7A7A7A 717171 6C6C6C 737373
7728 Thananim_Olthoi 2D2D2D 292929 202020 3B3B3B 2D2D2D 343434
7729 OnyxBlack_Olth 1C1C1C 343434? 343434 4F4F4F 464646 484848
7730 FlatGrey_Olth 4E4E4E 454545 3C3C3C 505050
7731 StoneGrey_Olth 3E3E3E 595959 505050 6B6B6B 626262 5D5D5D 646464
7732 CoralBlue_Olth 39CFFE 15C9FF 3CD0FE 29CDFE 2ECBFE
7733 StasisBlue_Olth 0AC1FA 16C7FE 03C4FE 08C2FE
7734 SpringBlue_Olth 0590BC 009FD1 0091BF 01BAF4 00ADE3 01AFE6
7735 CeruleanBlue_Olth 006585 003C50 (conf) 004A62 004C65
7736 BenekBlue_Olth 00607D 004C65 00759A 006889 00607F 006A8C
7737 AbyssAqua_Olth 004E67 006A8C 005C7A 0085AF 004960 007094 007AA1
7738 OceanBlue_Olth 008EBB 01A3D6 0096C5 008EBB 0198C8
7739 CabalistRed_Olth F01D1D F12626 F35C5C F24848 F13F3F F24F4F
7740 StrifeRed_Olth D11212 EF1B1B E91010 F14040 EF2323 F03333
7741 BrilliantRed_Olth DD0303 D40000 C20000 F90101 E60000 DC0000 EB0101
7742 BrickRed_Olth 610000 2A0000 610000 4E0000 440000 530000
7743 Hennacin_Olth 7C0000 680000 8D0000 7A0000 700000 7F0000
7744 StrongRed_Olth 920000 820000 700000 A70000 940000 8A0000 990000
7745 AssaultRed_Olth A20000 B30000 D80101 C50000 BB0000 CA0101
The sample is only an approach of how the item looks ingame.
See User:Sanddh/Guides/Armor Color Table for other available palettes.