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Introduced:  Release
Orb of Black Fire
Orb of Black Fire Icon
Orb of Black Fire Live


You give Obsidian Enchanter Obsidian Sphere.

Obsidian Enchanter tells you, "Hold on, I'm getting your item."

Obsidian Enchanter gives you Orb of Black Fire.

Obsidian Enchanter tells you, "Here you go."


Update History[]


  • Artwork and icon updated.
  • Spells updated.
    • Old spells: Regeneration Other VI
    • New spells: Flame Volley V, Fire Protection Self IV, Acid Protection Self IV
  • +3% to mana conversion added.
  • Life Magic: 270 changed to Life Magic: 125.
  • Arcane Lore: 115 removed.
  • Old icon: Orb of Black Fire (Release) Icon