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March 2002 - Announcements Page

Game Changes[]

  • 150 Cottages, 40 Villas and 10 Mansions added to the world.
  • New Settlement Portals for housing added during the Fever Dreams event.
  • Bronze statues of creatures of Dereth and heroes of the Isparian people have been added to the center of all towns. These new gifts make the hunting and crafting process easier.
  • Many updates the type and quality of treasure. See the Release Notes for details.
  • Alchemy and Missile Defense skill costs reduced from 8 to 6 credits.

Your trained Missile Defense skill has had its cost reduced from 8 to 6 skill credits. You have had 2 skill credits refunded.
  • You can now dye Shadow Armor using dye pots sold by the Master Smith assistants.

User Interface Updates[]

  • Allegiance confirmation dialog box added.
  • Items now display a warning message when low on mana.
  • You can now auto fill all items wielded by your character with mana by using a mana charge on your paper doll.
  • Players can now type @house available to see a list of houses that are available to purchase.

New Quests[]

New NPCs[]

Updated NPCs[]

New Locations[]

Bronze Statues
  • Level II protections: Al-Arqas, Holtburg, Lytelthorpe, Nanto, Rithwic, Samsur, Shoushi, Yanshi, Yaraq
  • Level III protections: Al-Jalima, Cragstone, Eastham, Glendon Wood, Hebian-to, Khayyaban, Kryst, Lin, Tou Tou, Uziz, Zaikhal
  • Level IV protections: Arwic, Baishi, MacNiall's Freehold, Mayoi, Plateau Village, Qalaba'r, Sawato, Stonehold, Tufa
  • Level V protections: Ayan Baqur, Fort Tethana, Kara, Wai Jhou

Updated Locations[]

New Items[]

Bloodhunter Infusion Icon Bloodhunter InfusionBloodhunter Oil Icon Bloodhunter OilConcentrated Bloodhunter Infusion Icon Concentrated Bloodhunter InfusionConcentrated Bloodhunter Oil Icon Concentrated Bloodhunter Oil

Gingerbread Dough Icon Gingerbread DoughDrudge Shaped Cookie Cutter Icon Drudge Shaped Cookie CutterHuman Shaped Cookie Cutter Icon Human Shaped Cookie CutterLugian Shaped Cookie Cutter Icon Lugian Shaped Cookie CutterUncooked Ginger Bread Drudge Icon Uncooked Ginger Bread DrudgeUncooked Ginger Bread Man Icon Uncooked Ginger Bread ManUncooked Ginger Bread Lugian Icon Uncooked Ginger Bread Lugian

Martinate Singularity Trove Icon Martinate Singularity Trove

Dyeing Items

Red Shadow Dye Icon Red Shadow DyeGreen Shadow Dye Icon Green Shadow DyeBlue Shadow Dye Icon Blue Shadow Dye

Bundle of Atlatl Dart Shafts Icon Bundle of Atlatl Dart ShaftsBundle of Deadly Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly ArrowheadsBundle of Deadly Broad Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly Broad ArrowheadsBundle of Deadly Armor Piercing Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly Armor Piercing ArrowheadsBundle of Deadly Blunt Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly Blunt ArrowheadsBundle of Deadly Frog Crotch Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly Frog Crotch ArrowheadsBundle of Deadly Acid Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly Acid ArrowheadsBundle of Deadly Fire Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly Fire ArrowheadsBundle of Deadly Frost Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly Frost ArrowheadsBundle of Deadly Lightning Arrowheads Icon Bundle of Deadly Lightning ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Atlatl Dartshafts Icon Wrapped Bundle of Atlatl DartshaftsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Broad Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Broad ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Armor Piercing Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Armor Piercing ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Blunt Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Blunt ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Frog Crotch Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Frog Crotch ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Acid Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Acid ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Fire Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Fire ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Frost Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Frost ArrowheadsWrapped Bundle of Deadly Lightning Arrowheads Icon Wrapped Bundle of Deadly Lightning Arrowheads

Gingerbread Icon GingerbreadGinger Bread Drudge Icon Ginger Bread DrudgeGinger Bread Man Icon Ginger Bread ManGinger Bread Lugian Icon Ginger Bread Lugian

Small Pine Tree Icon Small Pine TreeLarge Pine Tree Icon Large Pine Tree

Martinate Trove Key Icon Martinate Trove Key

Bookcase (Nuhmudira's Dungeon) Icon Bookcase (Nuhmudira's Dungeon)Candle Icon CandleSacrificed Zharalim Icon Sacrificed ZharalimTome (Nuhmudira's Dungeon) Icon Tome (Nuhmudira's Dungeon)

Ring of a Singularity Key Icon Ring of a Singularity KeyTeeth of a Singularity Key Icon Teeth of a Singularity Key

Nuhmudira's Journal Icon Nuhmudira's JournalFestival Cookbook Icon Festival Cookbook

Deadly Arrow Icon Deadly ArrowDeadly Armor Piercing Arrow Icon Deadly Armor Piercing ArrowDeadly Blunt Arrow Icon Deadly Blunt ArrowDeadly Broadhead Arrow Icon Deadly Broadhead ArrowDeadly Frog Crotch Arrow Icon Deadly Frog Crotch ArrowDeadly Acid Arrow Icon Deadly Acid ArrowDeadly Fire Arrow Icon Deadly Fire ArrowDeadly Frost Arrow Icon Deadly Frost ArrowDeadly Lightning Arrow Icon Deadly Lightning ArrowDeadly Quarrel Icon Deadly QuarrelDeadly Armor Piercing Quarrel Icon Deadly Armor Piercing QuarrelDeadly Blunt Quarrel Icon Deadly Blunt QuarrelDeadly Broadhead Quarrel Icon Deadly Broadhead QuarrelDeadly Frog Crotch Quarrel Icon Deadly Frog Crotch QuarrelDeadly Acid Quarrel Icon Deadly Acid QuarrelDeadly Fire Quarrel Icon Deadly Fire QuarrelDeadly Frost Quarrel Icon Deadly Frost QuarrelDeadly Lightning Quarrel Icon Deadly Lightning QuarrelArmor Piercing Atlatl Dart Icon Armor Piercing Atlatl DartBarbed Atlatl Dart Icon Barbed Atlatl DartBlunt Atlatl Dart Icon Blunt Atlatl DartBroadhead Atlatl Dart Icon Broadhead Atlatl DartFrog Crotch Atlatl Dart Icon Frog Crotch Atlatl DartAcid Atlatl Dart Icon Acid Atlatl DartFire Atlatl Dart Icon Fire Atlatl DartFrost Atlatl Dart Icon Frost Atlatl DartLightning Atlatl Dart Icon Lightning Atlatl DartGreater Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Atlatl DartGreater Armor Piercing Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Armor Piercing Atlatl DartGreater Blunt Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Blunt Atlatl DartGreater Broadhead Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Broadhead Atlatl DartGreater Frog Crotch Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Frog Crotch Atlatl DartGreater Acid Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Acid Atlatl DartGreater Fire Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Fire Atlatl DartGreater Frost Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Frost Atlatl DartGreater Lightning Atlatl Dart Icon Greater Lightning Atlatl DartDeadly Atlatl Dart Icon Deadly Atlatl DartDeadly Armor Piercing Atlatl Dart Icon Deadly Armor Piercing Atlatl DartDeadly Blunt Atlatl Dart Icon Deadly Blunt Atlatl DartDeadly Broadhead Atlatl Dart Icon Deadly Broadhead Atlatl DartDeadly Frog Crotch Atlatl Dart Icon Deadly Frog Crotch Atlatl DartDeadly Acid Atlatl Dart Icon Deadly Acid Atlatl Dart

New Creatures[]

Elemental Icon Elemental

Golem Icon Golem

Olthoi Icon Olthoi

Related Articles[]

New Dialog[]

Town Crier

Town Crier tells you, "Martine's forces have landed in the Direlands, and they mean business. My cousin just got back from the lifestone and couldn't stop muttering something about "popping" corpses and glowing bugs."

Town Crier tells you, "I haven't seen any Virindi around, but I sure have seen a lot more of those weapons."

Town Crier tells you, "With the winter snows receding Snowman sighting have decreased drastically. Many travellers have reported seeing them in the mountains where the snow still remains."

Town Crier tells you, "The Arcanum has presented the people of Dereth with new statues to commemorate their victories in the field!"

Town Crier tells you, "Did you hear what the Arcanum is saying? Nuhmudira has gone missing, I'd sure like to tell you where she lives. But..."

Town Crier tells you, "Boy those elementals sure are nasty. I hear that some have been seen hiding on the Obsidian Plains now."

Town Crier tells you, "I wonder how the Arcanum gained the knowledge to create these wonderful new statues for us?"

Town Crier tells you, "Someone said something about Olthoi working with Martine, What next!?"

Town Crier tells you, "The Giant Snowmen that appeared during the winter months have mysteriously vanished. The Jolly Snowman seemed unphased by this news though stating "they'll be back again someday.""

Town Crier tells you, "A Tin Smith has reportedly been selling new cooking implements to vendors in select locations."

Town Crier tells you, "I hear that many people have been seen around the Virindi crafters, handing in their quiddity ingots."

Town Crier tells you, "Nuhmudira's mansion borders the swamp and desert. Be careful--my cousin warns that her Zharalim are guarding that place with their lives. You may be able to approach it from the front if you are very careful."

Town Crier tells you, "If you go to fight Martine's forces you should make sure that you protect yourself again lighting, acid, fire and ice. The elementals are changing."

Ulgrim the Unpleasant

No new dialog this month.