Introduced:  Festivus Related Quests:  Phantom Weapons Quest Updated:  Master of Arms
Phantom Bow
Phantom Bow Icon
  • Value: 4,000
  • Burden: 450
  • Skill: Missile Weapons (Bow)
  • Damage Bonus: 0
  • Damage Modifier: +-50%
  • Speed: Fast (30)
  • Range: 80 yds.
  • Uses chorozite arrows as ammunition.
  • Bonus to Melee Defense: +10%
  • Properties: Phantasmal, Unenchantable, Bonded, Ivoryable
  • Wield requires Missile Weapons 250
  • This item cannot be sold.
  • A bow with a ghostly hue crafted from pure chorizite, resistant to any enchantment.
    This item cannot be further imbued.
Phantom Bow Live

Phantom Bow


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