Introduced:  From Darkness, Light
Pitted Slag
Pitted Slag Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 0
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • Use this slag to show your triumph over your enemies in exchange for goods.
  • The slag that is left from the acid bath.


  • This is a special item used as currency by Olthoi Soldiers and Spitters. It is used to purchase items and upgrades from the vendors on Olthoi Island.
  • Obtained two ways:
  1. If killed by an Olthoi, a small amount may be dropped by creatures level 100 or greater. It is commonly 0-2 slag, rarely 3-6. The chance of the killed creature having slag on their corpse is based exclusively on level (IE: a level 220 creature will drop slag far more often than a level 100). It is possible that high level boss monsters such as the Tower Guardian can yield a very high amount of slag compared to other creatures.
  2. If killed by an Olthoi, a large amount may be dropped by players. It is commonly 0-15, but there are reports of up to 100 from a single player. Players only drop slag under the following conditions:
    • The player must be over a certain level. The current estimate is level 100+. Players under level 180 will not yield much slag, if at all.
    • Each time a player is killed he is less likely to drop pitted slag. This chance goes back up with time.
    • Players don't drop slag if they have vitae.
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