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Introduced:  Foolish Ambition Related Quests:  Lord Mhoire Quest
Pleading Letter
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  • Value:
  • Burden:
  • A letter pleading for leniency on behalf of the Jester.

To Lord Cynreft Mhoire, noble ruler of the House of Mhoire and my husbands friend and benefactor.

My Lord, I am lost without my love. I have heard such horrible stories of betrayal and imprisonment. Let them not be true. I remember well your friendship to him and my love of him. I know this man my Lord. If he did do this unspeakable thing he must have had good reason. He would never bring misery or strife to your house. His entire life was dedicated to bringing joy and happiness. Please my Lord, forgive my love of his past failings and allow him to return to me. I am sure he will make amends.

Your loyal and loving servant,

Maiden Laylana Belancroft

-- Laylana


Laylana tells you, "You found him? He is imprisoned? Oh, my love, what could have happened."

Laylana tells you, "Please deliver this note to Lord Cynreft and then deliver this note to my love in his prison."

Laylana gives you Pleading Letter.

Laylana gives you Laylana's Love Letter.

You give Lord Cynreft Mhoire Pleading Letter.

Lord Cynreft carefully reads the letter.

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I wish that things were different for this poor woman. But, there is no chance of the Jester's release."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "Long ago my house fled the vile corruption of Geraine and his court. I sought to protect my family and my people from the unnatural magics spreading through the other noble houses."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "We came to this small island, an ancient and little used retreat of my people. Here I hid my house from the un-death spreading through our empire. Here I hoped to plan a means of stopping Geraine and his dark reign."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "Then we were betrayed!"

Lord Cynreft's ephemeral form suddenly coalesces and becomes almost solid. Grief and unspeakable anger rage within his eyes. Then he sags and fades almost from view.

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "My Court Jester, sharp of wit and nimble of foot, and lifelong friend, the last person I would expect to betray me, snuck away in the night. He met with Rytheran to bargain my house's secret location in exchange for power. I suppose he got his reward. I still don't know how that dark mage Rytheran did it, but he drove that treacherous fool mad with the power he instilled in him."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "His mind broken, he returned to my court where he caused havoc and insanity. We finally trapped him, but the death he so richly deserved was now impossible. My most deadly spells had nearly no effect on him. He had grown so powerful he was no longer empyrean. He had become something horrible and everlasting."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I ordered him entombed for all eternity. And set guardians to watch over him."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I fear that I cannot grant the Maiden Laylana's request. It would be unthinkable to release him."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I do feel for her loss all the same. I myself lost those closest to me following the Jester's betrayal. I will let you deliver her Love Letter to the Jester, although it will surely mean nothing to his deranged mind."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire gives you Jester Prison Key.

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "Take this key. It will grant you limited access to the Jester. Be sure that you do not listen to his rantings. He may be insane, but he remains as clever a trickster as ever he was. Above all do not try to free him. I took great measures to insure he will never be released and you would surely die in the attempt."

Lord Cynreft Mhoire tells you, "I thank you again for your bravery in destroying my corrupted form."