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Introduced:  Ancient Enemies Related Quests:  Tanada House of Pancakes Quest
Pon Mi's confession
Pon Mi's confession Icon
  • Value: 0
  • Burden: 10
  • Properties: Attuned, Bonded
  • Use this item to read it.

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  • This note was obtained from one of the many corpses of Pon Mi.
I just want to apologize to Ji's mom and Fushido's mom and my mom and I'm sorry to everyone. I thought that we could make a quick pyreal by stealing some baking supplies and combining them with that mucor stuff to make really tasty food, and we could blame the theft on the Tanada. I didn't realize that combining mucor with food supplies would do what it did, make so many monsters. I didn't realize that the Tanada would take things so seriously, and keep killing us time after time after time. I didn't realize that Chow Doun would send adventurer after adventurer after me to try to reclaim his supplies, even though he's already received my confession countless times. Please stop killing me.


This is one of the many corpses of Pon Mi. He appears to have suffered a horrible, horrible death.

You find a note and attempt to take it.

You take the note from the corpse

You give Chow Doun Pon Mi's confession.

You hand the confession to Chow Doun and explain what you saw.

You've earned 117,542 experience.

Chow Doun tells you, "My supplies...used for that? But this confession explains one thing - this Pon Mi was no master of the Tanada clan after all, but simply an honorless thug whose ambition got the better of him. I suppose the name of his house should have been a hint."

Chow Doun tells you, "I do not think he is of any concern to me anymore. I will not get my supplies back, but at least my honor is restored thanks to you."