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The Portal Network refers to the multitude of portals in towns and dungeons linking together various locations in Dereth.

Portal Hubs

Portal hubs are locations that contain numerous outbound portals.


Town Network - This is the primary way to get from town to town. It has a portal to nearly every town inside, and almost every town (even those not included in the network) has a portal to here. Notable Towns that DO NOT have a portal in the Town Network include Ayan Baqur, Bandit Castle, Candeth Keep, Crater Lake Village, and Wai Jhou.

Portals By Wing
Aluvian (North) Gharu'ndim (West) Sho (East) Annex (South)

Residential Halls - Also known as apartments. These 5 dungeons connect 3 towns each.

Desert March - There are two locations for this dungeon. One just south of Danby's Outpost, and the other west of Al-Jalima on the inner sea. It contains portals to:

Direlands Subway - Located north of Mt. Lethe at 18.6S 84.4W. It contains portals to:

Whispering Blade/Rossu Morta Chapterhouses - After completing a series of quests you can gain access to one of these dungeons. They contain portals to:

Web Maze - Located east of Baishi at 49.4S, 65.4E . It contains portals to:

Abandoned Mine (retired) - Also known as Subway, Sub, or Hub. It was previously a large portal hub. During the Shifting Gears event nearly every portal was removed. It now only has a portal to the Underground City and to the surface. Previously, it had contained portals to Arwic, Cragstone, Glenden Wood, Hebian-To, Holtburg, Mayoi, Qalaba'r, Rithwic, Samsur, Shoushi, Yaraq, and Zaikhal.

Jungle Shadows (retired) - Also known as Jungle Sub or New Sub. It was previously a large portal hub. During the Shifting Gears event nearly every portal was removed. It now only has a portal to the North Direlands and to the South Direlands. Previously, it had contained portals to Baishi, Eastham, Glenden Wood, Hebian-To, Neydisa Castle, North Direlands, Plateau Village, South Direlands, Tufa, and Zaikhal.

Umbral Halls (retired) - It was previously a large portal hub. During the Shifting Gears event nearly every portal was removed. It now only has a portal to MacNiall's Freehold. Previously, it had contained portals to Al-Arqas, Al-Jalima, Arwic, Eastham, Glenden Wood, Kara, Khayyaban, Kryst, Lin, Lytelthorpe, Nanto, Plateau Villag, Rithwic, Samsur, Sawato, Stonehold ,Tou-Tou, Uziz, and Xarabydun.

Adventurer's Haven (retired) - It was previously a small portal hub, containing portals to Lytelthorpe, Samsur, and Yanshi. During the Shifting Gears event these portals were removed, however, a Town Network portal was added in.


Abandoned Arena/Colosseum - Besides the two dungeons, you can also find portals to:

Ancient Town - Besides being the location of the Dungeon of Tatters, you can also find portals to:

Starter Towns (retired) - in a previous update, Holtburg, Shoushi, and Yaraq were given portals to numerous other towns. When Sanamar was introduced, it also contained many portals. During the Shifting Gears event these portals were all removed, and each town was given a portal to the Town Network instead.

Hidden Valley (retired) - An isolated valley with a portal to the Desert Ridge Border. It previously had portals to Holtburg and Mayoi as well.

Wilderness Fort (retired) - Previously had portals to Hebian-To and Zaikhal. Both have been removed.

Statue Dungeons

Statue dungeons are located under the statue pedistals in most towns. Along with the statue creatures they contain, they also each have a portal to another town, which can make them a handy way to get around. The Statue dungeons are:

Mannikin Foundry

Effigy Foundry

Mammet Foundry

Colossus Foundry

Town-to-town portals

For a long time, there were three major portal loops connecting many towns. The expansion packs also brought additional portal connections. During the Shifting Gears event, the Town Network was introduced and nearly every existing portal to a town was destroyed.

Remnant Portals

The following portals survived the destruction, and are still functioning properly.

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Fiun Outpost 95.6N, 56.2W Silyun 87.3N, 70.8W --
Hebian-To 39.4S, 81.3E Cragstone 26.0N, 48.4E --
Hebian-To 40.7S, 81.9E Qalaba'r 74.6S, 19.6E --
Qalaba'r 73.2S, 18.1E Hebian-To 38.9S, 82.6E --
Qalaba'r 75.0S, 19.5E Silyun 87.3N, 70.8W --
Qalaba'r 77.2S, 19.8E Zaikhal 13.5N, 0.7E --
Sanamar (Outskirts) 76.6N, 58.7W Silyun 87.3N, 70.8W --
Sanamar (Outskirts) 76.6N, 58.6W Fiun Outpost 95.9N, 56.8W --

Primary Loop

Also known as the newbie loop, this retired loop connected the nine original nexus arrival towns. There were also a few outskirt portals that could be considered part of the loop.

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Al-Arqas 32.6S, 14.4E Samsur 2.7S, 18.9E --
Al-Arqas (Outskirts) 36.8S, 12.2E Yanshi 12.6S, 47.5E --
Holtburg 40.8N, 34.0E Rithwic 9.9N, 59.1E --
Holtburg (Outskirts) 36.7N, 29.1E Glenden Wood 28.5N, 26.1E --
Lytelthorpe 1.7N, 49.9E Holtburg 41.3N, 33.3E --
Lytelthorpe 2.3N, 52.0E Rithwic 9.9N, 59.1E --
Nanto 52.7S, 80.3E Yanshi 13.1S, 46.9E --
Rithwic 10.1N, 57.3E Holtburg 42.9N, 34.5E --
Rithwic 9.5N, 60.0E Lytelthorpe 1.9N, 51.9E --
Rithwic 11.0N, 59.3E Shoushi 34.7S, 72.7E --
Samsur 1.5S, 18.4E Holtburg 41.6N, 33.7E --
Samsur 3.8S, 18.6E Yaraq 21.9S, 2.2W --
Shoushi 32.3S, 71.7E Nanto 51.5S, 81.3E --
Shoushi 34.9S, 74.4E Yanshi 12.6S, 47.3E --
Shoushi (Outskirts) 34.4S, 64.7E Eastham 17.8N, 64.3E --
Yanshi 14.7S, 46.6E Shoushi 32.4S, 72.9E --
Yanshi 12.1S, 46.3E Yaraq 21.1S, 1.1W --
Yaraq 22.8S, 0.7W Al-Arqas 31.5S, 12.5E --
Yaraq 23.0S, 0.2W Samsur 2.7S, 19.0E --

Secondary Loop

Also known as the capital loop, this semi-retired loop connected the three capital cities and Qalaba'r.

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Cragstone 25.4N, 47.8E Hebian-To 38.6S, 82.1E --
Cragstone 26.4N, 48.8E Zaikhal 14.3N, 1.3E --
Hebian-To 39.4S, 81.3E Cragstone 24.5N, 47.0E --
Hebian-To 40.7S, 81.9E Qalaba'r 73.9S, 18.9E --
Qalaba'r 73.2S, 18.1E Hebian-To 40.3S, 82.9E --
Qalaba'r 77.2S, 19.8E Zaikhal 13.1N, 0.9E --
Zaikhal 14.8N, 0.7E Cragstone 26.1N, 48.1E --
Zaikhal 14.7N, 0.7W Qalaba'r 75.0N, 19.6E --

Tertiary Loop

Also known as the Arwic loop, this retired loop connected the various non-starter and non-capital towns.

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Al-Jalima 7.5N, 5.1E Khayyaban 47.6S, 26.7E --
Al-Jalima 7.1N, 4.5E Tou-Tou 30.4S, 94.7E --
Arwic 33.6N, 57.1E Al-Jalima 6.4N, 6.3E --
Arwic 33.8N, 56.4E Tou-Tou 30.4S, 94.7E --
Lin 54.9S, 73.1E Khayyaban 47.6S, 26.7E --
Lin 54.0S, 73.9E Tou-Tou 30.4S, 94.7E --
Khayyaban 48.1S, 24.6E Al-Jalima 6.4N, 6.3E --
Khayyaban 47.7S, 25.0E Lin 53.9S, 74.1E --
Tou-Tou 27.8S, 95.8E Arwic 33.3N, 56.5E --
Tou-Tou 28.0S, 95.4E Lin 53.9S, 74.1E --

Marae Lassel Portals

These retired portals connected the cities of Osteth with Marae Lassel.

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Ahurenga 47.4N, 88.9W Bluespire 39.4N, 75.4W --
Bluespire 40.2N, 76.1W Ahurenga 46.1N, 89.8W --
Bluespire 38.3N, 75.5W Holtburg 42.7N, 33.6E --
Greenspire 43.3N, 68.2W Redspire 40.7N, 83.1W --
Greenspire 42.5N, 67.5W Yaraq 21.5S, 1.7W --
Redspire 40.6N, 82.4W Greenspire 42.9N, 68.1W --
Redspire 40.5N, 83.7W Nanto 42.9N, 68.1W --
Al-Arqas 28.3S, 13.6E Bluespire 39.4N, 75.4W --
Lytelthorpe 1.2N, 54.0E Bluespire 39.4N, 75.4W --
Nanto 52.7S, 79.8E Bluespire 39.4N, 75.4W --
Yaraq 21.7S, 1.3W Bluespire 39.4N, 75.4W --
Rithwic 11.1N, 59.6E Greenspire 42.9N, 68.1W --
Shoushi 33.6S, 72.4E Greenspire 42.9N, 68.1W --
Yaraq 21.3S, 1.5E Greenspire 42.9N, 68.1W --
Holtburg 42.6N, 33.4E Redspire 40.6N, 83.0W --
Samsur 3.4S, 22.4E Redspire 40.6N, 83.0W --
Yanshi 15.9S, 46.7E Redspire 40.6N, 83.0W --
Stonehold 68.6N, 20.7W Ahurenga 47.1N, 90.3W --

Halaetan Isle Portals

These retired portals connected Redspire, the starter towns of Dereth and the outposts of the Halaetan Isles with Sanamar.

Location Coords Destination Coords Restrictions
Sanamar 70.1N, 61.9W Redspire 40.8N, 83.1W --
Sanamar 72.3N, 60.7W Holtburg 42.1N, 33.6E --
Sanamar 72.3N, 60.7W Shoushi 33.5S, 72.8E --
Sanamar 72.3N, 60.7W Yaraq 21.5S, 1.8W --
Sanamar 71.2N 61.3W Eastwatch 90.3N 43.1W --
Sanamar 71.2N 61.3W Westwatch 72.8N 73.3W --
Redspire 40.8N, 83.1W Sanamar 72.0N, 60.9W --
Holtburg 41.0N 35.5E Sanamar 72.0N, 60.9W --
Shoushi 34.3S 73.4E Sanamar 72.0N, 60.9W --
Yaraq 22.1S 1.5W Sanamar 72.0N, 60.9W --
Eastwatch 90.3N 43.2W Sanamar 72.0N, 60.9W --
Westwatch 72.9N 73.2W Sanamar 72.0N, 60.9W --
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