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Introduced:  Cold Tracks Related Quests:  Asheron's Departure (Bur Flagging)
Portal Servitor
Non-Player Killer
Portal Servitor Live
Race Golem
Title Keeper of the Way
Location 67.5N 30.5E Portal to Bur
Level 720
Strength 980
Endurance 940
Coordination 930
Quickness 850
Focus 850
Self 885
Health 1870
Stamina 2291
Mana 2286


Lore & Dialog[]

If you have not spoken to Shan Zhen in Cragstone he will not acknowledge you:

Portal Servitor tells you, "I do not know you and I do not know who sent you. I have no words to speak to you."

Once you have spoken to Shan Zhen:

Portal Servitor tells you, "I sense that the apprentices of the sword sage have sent you. This is meet by my master's wishes. But I must ensure that you are a true friend of my master. You must bring me three heirlooms of the House of Realaidain. A true friend of my master would know such artifacts. Bring me first the necklace that belonged to my master's family."