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The Advocate Towers, from Release:

An Empyrean legend once shared by Elysa Strathelar holds that primordial gods struggled with evil shadow creatures. After a long contest that exhausted their powers, the gods banished the shadows into the earth by creating the sun and stars

Our Great Work, from Sudden Season:

I have no taste for the cryptic references of the Book of Eibhil - the shocking descriptions of the most debased Falatacot blood rituals, the inscrutable whispers about the "Mouth of the Abyss", the "Web of the Elder Gods", the "Pulse of Darkness" which sucks at the lighted world above, and other archaic blasphemies. I confess, the book was unnerving me to some degree.

Aerfalle's Letter, from To Raise a Banner of Flame:

The dark spawn have gathered around the old stone-ring of my island. I think they mean to make a binding on them, though to what end I know not. The texts of the Falatacot are maddeningly vague about the constructs. I doubt they knew much more than we, only that they stood before their forefathers crawled in the mud, and are places of great power. The only words the Old Ones ever spoke of them, if speech it may be called, amount to, "Do not ask us of these artifacts, and do not disturb them." If the spawn intend to disturb them, perhaps there is something to these warnings.

Prophecies, from Discoveries:

There was but Light and Darkness;
And then Auberean.
Darkness sought to seed Auberean
And climbed within the world
As Light created guardians,
And sent them to defend.
Guardians made war
Against the darkness,
And the darkness drew forth defenders
From the land
To stand against the light,
And the Light called lesser children
To bear itself against Darkness.
And then the war was won.

So the Darkness lay
Still and silent
But ne'er beaten by the bringers of Light
And so it called its children.
Not to make new war,
But to seed the soil with new treachery.

And the Darkness reached out
And brought forth other worlds,
So too the Light.
E'er Auberean at the heart
Where ever shall rest the war.

A Delicate Web, from Ancient Powers:

The paths of light are woven around our world like so many delicate threads. Its strands are fragile and must be tended, lest the Pattern weaken and allow the unthinkable.

On the Solstices, the spirits of the world must be raised in song along the strongest of these lines to bolster the Pattern. Sing the elements and rejoice for they are the life and blood of our world and sharing in their song is a thing of infinite beauty.

The Blessed Trees, from Ancient Powers:

The greatest gift that we have ever received is the presence of the Deru upon the world. Just as they sustain us, we must protect them from anything that would threaten them. They are the font of our life, and we give of ourselves that they will protect this world upon which we walk.

It is said the Deru were the first created by the Light and they drove the Living Dark below, allowing life to spread across the world. It is also prophesied the Deru will be the last to leave this world. They are the great keepers and protectors and love all the followers of the Light.

The Darkest Roots, from Ancient Powers:

My sisters have seen the roots of the servants of Darkness. Just as the Deru bask in the Light there are those below who bathe in the shadows. Beware these loathsome tendrils and call upon your sisters to tear them down, wherever they may rise. Let no patch of Light fall into shadow.

The water that the Deru bless is of great use in the destruction of these roots. Search for the roots during the Equinoxes when they appear more frequently. This may be the original reason for the Night Dance of the Equinox that we hold around the Deru.


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