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Introduced:  Bridging the Vast Divide
Prince's Medal of Bravery
Prince's Medal of Bravery Icon
  • Value: 15,000
  • Burden: 15
  • You may either hook this on a wall or hand it to Bromord Morreston in Yanshi.
  • This medal is etched with the arms of the Strathelar family. On the back is inscribed, "In thanks to service rendered to New Aluvia and all of Dereth."
Prince's Medal of Bravery Live

Prince's Medal of Bravery on house wall hook.


You give Bromord Morresten Prince's Medal of Bravery.

Bromord Morresten tells you, "A hero from the opening of the portal to Bur, hm? Let me teach you a few combat techniques, so you can help the realm again in the future."

You've earned 129,893,508 experience. [level 256]

  • The chest was inscribed "Prince Borelean Strathelar has provided the medals in these chests as a reward for all those who helped defend him from the Falatacot attack."
  • Pick-up was once per character.

Update History[]

Shifting Gears

  • Removed from game.