Introduced:  Waking from the Abyss Related Quests:  The Caliginous Bethel
Proselytic Shadow
Proselytic Shadow Live
Race Shadow
Location Caliginous Bethel
Level 100
Strength 240
Endurance 250
Coordination 260
Quickness 300
Focus 240
Self 295
Health 625
Stamina 650
Mana 545


  • Route: Find a Cultist Altar on the Marescent Plateau. Use it until it spawns a Dark Vapor. The Vapor summons a portal to the dungeon upon its death. The Proselytic Shadow is found at the very bottom of the dungeon.
  • This NPC has no apparent purpose other than lore. He was probably Bewren, who was betrayed by his brother to the Order of the Raven Hand.

Lore & Dialog

Proselytic Shadow tells you, "He who was... brother... betrayed..."
Proselytic Shadow tells you, "Where has the light gone? I cannot see. I was.. betrayed?"
Proselytic Shadow tells you, "The darkness, so cold... so painful..."
Proselytic Shadow tells you, "Free... free... help... the light is lost."
Proselytic Shadow tells you, "The dark one whispers to me now. He beckons me to avoid the light."

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