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Pumpkin Buffer

Introduced during the Tricks and Treats event in October 2005.

Was originally located only in Glenden Wood, however, during the Dance of the Dead event, a Pumpkin Buffer can also be found in Sanamar, Holtburg, Shoushi, and Yaraq.

Some rewards include Candy Corn, Gummy Ghouls, Gummy Golems, Chocolate Gromnies, Licorice Rats, Rock Candy Knaths, Caramel Kukuurs, Floating Candles and a Festival Shirt.

Originally, the Pumpkin Buffer casted level II spells. Nowadays, he buffs randomly beneficial level 7 spells.

Lore & Dialogue

Pumpkin Buffer is shattered by your assault!
The Pumpkin Buffer bursts open spraying treats.

Items dropped

(Note, when the Buffer spawned at the end of the Risks and Rewards patch in 2008, some of the candy got an expiring dateof 30 days. However, this seems to be corrected when the next patch Seeds of Corruption went live.)

Special Candy




And there is the rare drop of the Festival Shirt with 3 Crafting Majors: AL 50, Major Alchemical Prowess, Major Cooking Prowess, Major Fletching Prowess (inscribed: "Festival Season 07" -- Crafter's Guild (though this shirt was found in 2008).

Inscriptions on the Festival Shirt

"My other shirt is chainmail" --- Londigul Ellic the Armorer
"I'm not wearing a costume! This is just a t-shirt you fool." --- Ulgrim
"This shirt has absorbed stout from every bar in Dereth. Enjoy!" --- Ulgrim
"WWUD" --- Ulgrim the Unpleasant
"Heightened levels of joy on your annual celebration of torpidity" --- Virind Leopold
"If you are reading this, I should have carried more death items" --- Ardry
"BMF" --- Bad Moon Faden
"At least I still have my crown" --- Dardante
"Please, wear this shirt. It's horrible arcane script in a dead language will surely not harm you or anyone around you. "Rybbo Vadejym Caycuh!" --- Grael

"I looted Nuhmidira's Basement"
"By the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes"
"This shirt tastes orange" (a black shirt)
"Varicci stinks!"
"Nanjoe Shou-jen stink!"
"Undead Sailors are better than Nanjou Shou-jen"
"Spooky, Creepy and full of candy"

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