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Purging the Corruption
Level: 180
Type: Solo
Starts With: Optional: Virindi Delegate
Starts At: Optional: Candeth Keep at 87.5S, 66.8W
Repeat: 20 Hours
Contracts: Contract for Journey to Madness


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. After speaking to the Vision of Horror, head to the Curator of Torment's Study at 79.0S, 39.2W (Warning: hot drop)
  2. From the main drop head east, then an immediate right south, then an immediate left east. You will be fighting Simulacra, Olthoi Hive Warriors, and Hollow minions.
  3. In the room with 3 bookshelves use the right most Bookcase to open the portal door. You may also loot the Shard from the middle book shelf if you should wish to.
  4. Take the first right south to a room with a pit. Jump down.
  5. From the pit, head west through the hall into a large room. Use the book shelf again to enter the hall to the south. The book case on the right has another shard.
  6. Continue through the 1st large room to the a large rectangular room with lightning shooting through it. Exit this room to the south and continue to the east
  7. In the next large room is the Hollow Servitor along with a host of other minions. Kill the Hollow Servitor and loot a key off of him.
  8. Once you have the key, enter the large room and take the west exit. Use the key to open the “Private Chamber” door, and jump across the gap to the portal.
  9. Inside the portal are 3 NPCs: Aun Siminua, Kul Bronzegear, and Oggma.
  10. Talk to Kul Bronzegear to begin the fight. All 3 become attackable. Oggma the Lugian has hollow rocks, Aun Siminua the Tumerok uses lightning vulns/spells, and Kul Bronzegear the Gear Knight has a 2 handed sword.
    • WARNING:: Be careful where you stand in the room. The areas near the edges do considerable lightning damage!!
  11. Kill the 3, and loot the appropriate items from each. Kul Bronzegear will drop 9 Legendary Keys, and Aun Siminua and Oggma will drop Crimson Key and Azure Key needed to open the portal doors to the rewards room to the south.
  12. After looting the chests in the south room, head back to the Virindi Delegate (in Candeth Keep) to collect the rewards.

Dungeons & Maps

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Curator of Torment's Study 79.0S, 39.2W -- --


Experience: 329,000,000 (??% up to level ??)
Luminance: 20,000


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Opening Dialog

Dialog needed

Kul Bronzegear

Kul Bronzegear says, "Purge the flawed. They must be exterminated."
Rewards Dialog

Vision of Horror tells you, "Though the Curator of Torment is gone, the corruption continued to linger. Destroying the Curator's final abominations is precisely what the Council had hoped you would be able to accomplish. These things must not be left to fester."

Vision of Horror tells you, "Please take these rewards. You have earned them."

The Vision of Horror gazes at you and whispers softly. A chill quickly shoots up your spine.

Vision of Horror tells you, "A gift from the Council for your assistance. Combine the enchantment I have bestowed onto your spirit with a mastery of the School of the Heart and you will be able to use the Curator's tools of imprisonment to improve your survival skills. It seems poetic justice to alter the Curator's magical contraptions that were intended to torment its victims into beneficial boons."

Vision of Horror tells you, "Place this Virindi Cage at your home. If you possess the proper expertise the magics within it will grant you greater power."

You've earned 349,799,981 experience.

You've earned 21,199 Luminance.

Vision of Horror gives you Virindi Cage.

Update History

Dreams of Torment

  • Quest introduced.

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 13 days to 20 hours.
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