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Character Summary
Pwyll II
Associated Groups:

Knights of the Golden Flame

Important Dates:

Ruled from 787 RC - 804 RC

Related Characters:

High King of Aluvia[1], named after the Aluvian scholar Pwyll. Of Viamontian descent, he succeeded his father Osric the Wise as ruler of Aluvia. [2]

By the time of the rule of Pwyll III, the peoples of Aluvia had united as one, prospering under the High King's kind and just reign. Pwyll III banded together the kingdom's knights, forming an order of honor and chivalry, and so began a golden age.[1]

He formulated The Code of Pwyll[3][4], which was the base of other philosophical works.[5] By this code, the notion of nobility was introduced to the ruling class. In his time and since, the Code of Pwyll has dictated the conduct of both lords and knights: the common folk of Aluvia have come to expect no less. [1]

This code is followed by many Aluvians in Dereth, though others strongly object to this strict code.[6][7][8]

Pwyll III founded the Order of the Knights of the Golden Flame to protect Aluvia, as well as to spread Justice, Nobility and Honor among the populace of his Kingdom.[9]

The Scholars of Pwyll, a group of sages and artists are dedicated to continuing the traditions of scholarly research and artistic exploration begun by High King Pwyll. [10]

When he was slain by a treacherous ambassador from Viamont on the eve of war between the two nations, Aluvia's knights and commoners alike fell upon their enemies and destroyed them. With Pwyll's death, Aluvia's glory began to wane, but it is said that, when the kingdom is at its greatest need, he and his knights will walk the land once more.[11][1][12]

The town of Kryst was founded centered around the principles of Jojii and the Code of Pwyll by Zenzaburou Hensu, Vanten the Archmage, and Vesayen Hylin.[13][6][7]

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