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Queen Elysa in Danger
Level: Any
Rec. Level: 120+
Type: Solo
Starts With: Lord Dargeth
Starts At: Arwic at 33.42N, 56.90E
Repeat: 20 Hours


Walkthrough & Notes

  1. Talk to Lord Dargeth in Arwic at 33.42N, 56.90E (upstairs).
  2. Go to Glenden Wood and speak to Messenger for The Stranger located in the basement of the arcane agent's house at 29.70N, 27.79E. He will give you an Ingot.
  3. Speak with Yuudai in Rithwic 2nd floor of the grocery store (10.2N, 58.5E). The Ingot will disappear from your inventory.
  4. From Cragstone, go to a house across from the Arcane Agent's building at 24.6N, 46.9E. There you will find the NPC Aleesa Stateler together with 3 New Aluvian Champions and 3 New Aluvian War Mage Champions. They will not attack you until you attack them first.
  5. Kill Aleesa Stateler.
    • Warning: Only one person per fellowship needs the bow. As long as you have given the ingot, you will be flagged to receive the reward. Only the strongest needs to fight and defeat Aleesa.
  6. Loot Aleesa's Longbow from her corpse.
  7. Take the Longbow back to Yuudai in Rithwic.
  8. An event will occur and Queen Elysa will appear behind you.
  9. Everyone present should speak to Elysa.
  10. Return to Lord Dargeth in Arwic for your reward.


  • Aleesa's 6 guards are on a fast respawn.
  • If you're doing this as part of a fellowship: Yuudai disappears with each turnin, and takes about four minutes to reappear. Be sure to talk to Elysa, or you might not get a reward.


Speak with Lord Dargeth after speaking with Queen Elysa
Experience: 38,000,000 (70% up to level 94)


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Opening Dialog

Lord Dargeth tells you, "Disturbing news has come from a stranger who insists he remain unknown."

Lord Dargeth tells you, "Normally I would not trust such a person but his information was detailed, and contained many truths."

Lord Dargeth tells you, "I need you to make contact with this stranger right away, for there is no time to lose."

Lord Dargeth tells you, "Search for him in the town of Glenden Wood, and do whatever he asks without question."

Lord Dargeth tells you, "Go now, and may luck be on our side."
Speaking with The Stranger

Messenger for The Stranger tells you, "It is good to see Borelean has decided Master's information to be the truth."

Messenger for The Stranger tells you, "You are the one he chose for this mission? Well I hope you are ready."

Messenger for The Stranger tells you, "You must trust the directions I give you, for they are passed down from my master and his power is great. Any falter in your actions could have effects that last throughout time. And then your name would be remembered for entirely different reasons...."

Messenger for The Stranger gives you Ingot.

Messenger for The Stranger tells you, "Take this information to the man hiding out in Rithwic. He will direct you from there."

Messenger for The Stranger tells you, "No matter how crazy his directions sound, or how uncomfortable they may make you, you must complete his orders without fail."

Messenger for The Stranger tells you, "Go now, before history takes the wrong course."
Giving Ingot to Yuudai

Yuudai tells you, "You came with word on the task at hand?"

You hand over all of your Ingots.

Yuudai tells you, "Ahh, this information is most useful. The target has been located and has little guard."

Yuudai tells you, "We must act quickly. Go find the lady in purple armor in the house just outside of Cragstone."

Yuudai tells you, "Her Mistress says this substance I have applied to your weapon will sever her tie to the lifestone as it severs her flesh."

Yuudai tells you, "It sounds like she only has a couple guards with her. Dispatch of her and bring me back her bow as proof of your work."
Giving Aleesa's Longbow to Yuudai

You give Yuudai Aleesa's Longbow.

Yuudai says, "Ahh you have succeeded!"

Yuudai says, "Mistress will be very pleased with this indeed."

Yuudai says, "Mesalina, inform Her at once about our success here."

Yuudai examines the bow closely

Yuudai says, "Something about this bow seems off, not as deadly as I imagined...."

Elysa appears behind you.

Elysa Strathelar says, "No that is not my bow, and it was not I who was killed."

Elysa Strathelar says, "But if you do not tell me who was behind this, you may be the one who ends up dead."

Yuudai says, "I will not forget how you betrayed me to The Queen, your day will come..."

Elysa Strathelar says, "He can run, but no place in Dereth will shelter him now."
Speaking with Elysa Strathelar

Elysa Strathelar tells you, "I thank you for discovering the man behind the attempts on my life."

Elysa Strathelar tells you, "Apologizes for the misdirection and deception involved in this mission, but even you could not be allowed to know the plot at hand. We could not take any chances."

Elysa Strathelar tells you, "I must lead the hunt on tracking down this fugitive, please be so kind as to return to my son and let him know everything has gone as planned."
Rewards Dialog

Lord Dargeth tells you, "The mission was a success then?"

Lord Dargeth tells you, "The details of the mission had to be kept secret even from yourself until the very end. The asassination had to look convincing. Do not worry however for the stand in queen and bodyguards arrived safely back at the lifestone as planned."

Lord Dargeth tells you, "I only wish we had gotten to learn the identity of the witch behind this plan."

Lord Dargeth tells you, "Hopefully we will not need to call on your services again anytime soon.

You've earned 38,000,000 experience.

Update History

Shifting Gears

  • Quest introduced.

Filling in the Blanks

Learning From Experience

  • Reward changed from 100,000,000 (25% up to level 160) to 150,000,000 (125% up to level 116).

Dark Deliveries

The Quest for Freedom

  • Repeat timer changed from 27 days to 20 hours.
  • Reward changed from 150,000,000 (125% up to level 116) to 38,000,000 (70% up to level 94).