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A quest that is easiest to complete alone. These would be quests where bosses only drop one trophy at a time that you need to advance, or bosses that have a long respawn timer making the quest take much longer. - Quest List

Small Fellowship

A quest that requires a group of two to four to complete. This can be due to levers, volume of creatures, or a variety of character classes needed. Bosses on these quests will usually drop more than 1 quest item or reward. - Quest List


A quest that requires a group of five to nine people to complete. - Quest List


A quest that requires multiple fellowships to complete. - Quest List

Locked Fellowship

A quest that is restricted to one fellowship at a time. - Quest List


A quest that can be easily completed alone, but if multiple people are going you will need a bigger size group. This can be explained by difficult creatures that a single player can avoid or run by, but with multiple people these creatures will need to be killed. - Quest List


A quest that is possible to solo, but presents a high degree of difficulty. Most easily completed with a large group. - Quest List